Natural whole foods to protect your health

  • Is there any science behind children’s colour choice?
  • How prehistoric man (and women!) ate better than we do
  • The 5 caveman foodstuffs we should be eating

Something strange happened in the Collins household this morning…

As I sat down to breakfast and unfolded my paper, the household braced themselves for my usual tirade round a mouthful of cornflakes.

My eldest son got ready to pat me on the back and hand me a glass of water, while Lara stood in the background, ready to dial 999.

But instead of reading something that drove me mad, I read something that I found really interesting. In fact, it even made me smile.

Because I think this little theory perfectly illustrates why natural remedies make so much more sense than manmade drugs…

Is this the real reason why girls like pink and boys like blue?

Two friends of mine have recently moved into a lovely new house up in the Bishopston area of Bristol and have spent the best part of the summer months doing the place up.

Now, when it came to the living room there was an almighty row about carpet vs floorboards. They almost came to blows over the kitchen, because he wanted stainless steel everywhere, and she wanted wood.

And don’t get me started on the bathroom.

But when it came to the kids’ bedrooms, there was no problem.

Ella’s was painted pink, and Sean’s was painted blue.

Simple. Pink for girls, blue for boys. It’s traditional.

But, much to my surprise, this little article in the paper revealed that this preference isn’t a question of style…

The claim was that it’s an evolutionary process that dates back to prehistoric times.

And no, that doesn’t mean a 50,000 year old Barbie has been found by archaeologists (complete with little stone high heels and a tiny pterodactyl to carry round in her handbag).

They say the real reason girls are attracted to pink, and boys to blue, is programmed deep into our psyche.

Apparently, girls like pink, because that’s the colour fruits turn at the first sign of ripeness…


So back in the good old days, when prehistoric ladies went out shopping for food (before meeting up for coffee and talking about their husbands… ‘Ug is SUCH a pig you should see the state of our granite garage…’), they’d be on the lookout for pink hiding away in the trees.

And the boys…?

Well, after watching 22 men kicking a stone football about for 90 minutes (with EVERY match ending 0-0 because no one could move the damn thing), they’d slouch off to do a bit of hunting.

And blue skies meant good hunting days.

So us humans became programmed to accept that pink is for girls, blue is for boys.

I must admit that I found this all a bit far-fetched and convenient, and I would love to see how this played out in an ancient tribe who have not been influenced by corporations, TV and the media (if there are any of those left on the planet!)

I would love to believe that there was some substance to it though and that these preconceived assumptions were based on something entirely natural.

To know that our modern lives are influenced by such a powerful race memory gives us a link to our ancestors.

That’s something I find fascinating.

And there’s a lot more we can learn from our prehistoric ancestors apart from what colour to paint the bedroom…

5 Flintstones’ remedies to help protect your health

For centuries, man ate nothing but natural, whole foods. There were no additives, no sweeteners, no E numbers, no glucose syrup, no hydrogenated fats…

And research suggests he was better off for it.

Because since the introduction of these substances (which are even packed into many so-called healthy options), problems like heart disease, diabetes, and obesity have gone through the roof.

Here are 5 caveman foods that you should try and get into your diet:

  • Beef – Ahhhhh… don’t tell me eating healthily isn’t the good life when beef’s on the menu! But not any old beef will do – you need to eat grass-fed beef, NOT grain-fed. That’s what our ancestors ate, and we should do the same, because sticking to grass-fed beef could cut out thousands of calories and help you lose weight.
  • Eggs – the perfect food. Go to work on a egg – that’s what the ad used to say, until the powers that be banned it! I mean, where’s the logic in that when they let burger joints advertise till the mutated, water-pumped, additive stricken cows come home.

Eggs are rich protein, they only have 75 calories each, they’re packed with lutein (which helps keep your arteries clean), and they protect your heart with the right sort of fat.

So buy free-range, and get stuck in.

  • Blueberries – looking at the list of ailments this berry can fight, I’m surprised it hasn’t been knighted. It protects brain cells, helps memory loss, eases inflammation, sharpens failing eyesight, strengthens your heart, and protects you against cancer. If possible pick them from your own bushes so that you know they are at their best.
  • Nuts – forget the people who drone on about nuts being full of fat. So what – if it’s GOOD fat?

Like the blueberry, nuts contain a dazzling array of superpowers… they’re packed with fibre, reduce the risk of Type II diabetes, and contain a whole roll call of vitamins and minerals (folic acid, niacin, Vitamin E, magnesium to name but a few), all of which protect your heart.

  • Olives – if you’re worried about high cholesterol, then the monounsaturated fats found in olives will lower your ‘bad’ cholesterol and increase the good ones.

Olive oil also acts as a painkiller, eases ulcers and gastritis, and can lower the likelihood of gallstones forming. One study even suggested it could lower the risk of colon cancer.

All of these are brilliant reasons to don a loincloth and eat WHOLE foods as much as you can.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you start acting like the patron saint of cavemen and eat nothing but whole foods. If you really love a great big sloppy pizza – have one. We’re here to enjoy ourselves after all.

But the more you introduce whole foods into your diet – and only have pre-packaged, synthetic fake foods as an occasional treat – the more likely you are to have a longer, healthier life!

So here’s to you eating a pizza on your 100th birthday!