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How a glorious day can make you ill

Stay healthy in the sun

The reasons why a few precautions can make a summers day even better Do you know the signs of these potential killers? How to protect the young and old Can things get any worse…? Last week I discovered I had Uncontrollable Anger at the Nanny State Disorder and was suffering from Ongoing Irreversible Ageing… This week I discover I’m turning into a snake. All right, I’m exaggerating but my holiday tan is fading and my skin is finally starting to…
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Why I don’t like this bandwagon behaviour

CBD oil made simple

Amazing, I’ve been to a lot of trade shows but I’ve never seen anything quite like this health revolution Why the USA is changing its mind about this drug Try this if you suffer chronic pain, anxiety, nausea, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis and insomnia… Ever been to a trade show? If not, imagine a massive room full of stalls and displays, with all kinds of wonderful prototypes, new products and innovations, all vying for your attention. Think…
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How salt could reverse these false symptoms of old age

Salt in diet

Why too LITTLE salt could be bad for you How sodium could rid you of the ‘symptoms of old age’ 3 tips on how to get enough salt I was cooking for some friends on Friday night. For my friends’ delight, I was rustling up monkfish with lemon mayonnaise. One of my favourite dishes. As I ground a shower of sea salt onto the fish, my friend John said in astonishment: ‘Whoa there! Easy on the salt. Are you trying…
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Why The Guardian is wrong about this claim

Vitamins for health

The truth behind this latest anti-vitamin press campaign All supplements are useless – or are they? Why this one form of vitamin packs a bigger health punch Right, the gloves are off. It’s time for another bit of media-bashing from me! If you looked at the papers last week-end you’ll have seen articles about a study from the US which says vitamin and mineral supplements are useless for better brain health. For instance, The Guardian headline looked like this: ’Save…
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Go medieval to help beat illness…

How to use urine colour to determine health

Just what did the folk of the middle ages do for us? What is a metabolite and why should you be interested in them? Discover why looking down when you pee is a really good idea Those big historical Hollywood blockbusters never get it right do they? Take Camelot for example. I was forced to watch this recently (the things I do for mother-in-laws) and over ninety or so minutes I saw a lot of singing and dancing, a lot…
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Why we are all heading for pain

The UK’s commonest pain

Discover what the most searched for term is on the NHS website… …prepare to be amazed that it isn’t a cure for the cold or flu! Here is the advice we all need to listen to As I sat down to write today’s newsletter I began to think what would be the most common pain most people would have to endure. Most of us would know the agony of toothache, maybe slightly more the pain of a blister on the…
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