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Another shocking study on obesity- the numbers are crazy

Easy dieting

In the health-writing game you come across a lot of studies. Research is carried out by university scientists into all kinds of topics…. from the effects of different diets to the healing power of certain foods. Some of them are animal studies – so they only suggest a potentiality for the same thing to be true in humans. Some of them are human studies – but they can number as few as 5-15 participants. Some are only carried out over…
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How Evil Nettles Swallowed My Best Friend

One day, when I was 9 years old, I hopped on my bike with my friend Simon. We cycled down the road, then took a shortcut through a gap in the fence. This took us on a winding trail on the edge of an old industrial area that had been reclaimed by nature. The path was hugely overgrown on either side, so we had to be careful of nettles and thorns. At one point, I remember stopping on my bike…
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Why I disagree with this new Which report

which? report

There was a story that did the media rounds a few weeks back, based on a new report by consumer magazine, Which? I read it in The Times, but it was replicated elsewhere online, so you probably spotted it, too. The original report was headlined, ‘The health products you don’t need.’ As you can imagine, I was eager to find out what the verdict was! The Which? report begins, “From rosemary hair oil that suggests it can cure hair loss…
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New research reveals truth about Manuka honey

Honey treatment for cuts, ulcers and burns

The other day I was sent a link to a groundbreaking study by Plant & Food Research. It has revealed something special about New Zealand’s mānuka honey and the trees it comes from. Turns out that the mānuka from New Zealand is not only unique in its genetic makeup… But it also significantly different from varieties found in other regions, such as Australia. This is crucial when thinking abouut its health benefits. Because if you want to all those famous…
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What the Dalai Lama and Eric Clapton have in common

Diabetic Diet Tips

What do the following people have in common…? The Dalai Lama Eric Clapton Jack Black Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. Marilyn Monroe. Any ideas? They’ve all had their gallbladders removed. Eek. Marilyn Monroe’s operation caused a massive scar, which she had during filming of her final movie, Something’s Got To Give. Footage photo from the film was retouched to remove the scar – but then she was fired from production and the film was binned. It’s never pretty when you…
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How this this seaside mineral keeps hair healthy

Hair loss is not inevitable

My son was home the other day with his girlfriend and for some reason he felt the urge to get out the old family album. I do like seeing pics of the kids when they were young. But seeing my old self can causes me a pinch of sadness. On those pages are the images of a happy dad cradling his bundles of joy; clear skinned, flat bellied and with a full head of hair. Twenty-five years ago I was…
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