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Vagal Nerve: Key stress-busting secrets shared

vagal nerve natural stress relief

An unusual way to keep calm and positive in the face of adversity  Revealed, how to stimulate your stress-busting nerve system  The hidden benefits of gargling, singing and saying “OMMMMMMMMMM” Today I want to intrioduce you to the Vagal Nerve. It’s one of twelve pairs of nerves called the Cranial Nerves because they do not enter the spinal cord. The Vagal Nerve is often considered to be the most important of these nerves, and I want to show you what…
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Why this healthy fat is the real deal

coconut oil_the healthy fat

Discover why so many nutritionists have got it wrong… …and why they are not giving up without a fight Healthy fats boost health – discover what they can do for you I regularly point out that pizza and fast food can never be classed as good foods. Enjoyable they may be as a treat, but certainly should never be a major part of a daily diet. One of the reasons was the excessively high amounts of fats they contain –…
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The fizzy drinks that harm women

Health risks for women

The hidden health risk of fizzy drinks Why this health problem could rocket in 2022… The freezing herb that could beat stress It’s not often I shout ‘Look out Lara, your life’s in danger!’ when she walks into a newsagent. In fact, I’ve never done it. And not just because I’m too busy deciding between a Wispa and a Double Decker. But maybe I SHOULD think about protecting Lara a little more, because there’s something lurking in newsagents, supermarkets, pubs…
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Gentle walking: Why a stroll is better than a power walk

walking health benefits

Ditch the Lycra and douse the burn… Find out why good health isn’t about breaking sweat How you could add years to your life This is why a rambling newsletter makes sense after all The last week was an incredibly busy one for me, so forgive me if today’s letter rambles a bit as I do feel a little fazed. Lara and I have been on a tour of the UK visiting friends and relatives now that the restrictions imposed…
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Successful Dieting: Why you need to think differently

Easy dieting

A horror show that none of us wants to go through Operation ‘Get Shorty’ could be avoided – here’s how Make this an essential part of the return to normal life… Do you want to know more about successful dieting? Here’s an insight into how I manage my weight… it’s a story about keeping my shorts! Let me explain by taking you back a day or two in time… I felt like one of those folk at an Alchoholics Anonymous…
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Pollen bombs, natural avoidance tactics

Natural Hay Fever remedies

Things don’t look great in the sunshine How the plant kingdom is fighting back Discover the pocket remedy that will get you through the pollen cloud The whole of the UK is about to be hit by a pollen bomb. How lovely! A freak set of natural and weather conditions is going to concentrate a range of plant pollens… …and dump them on us all. Forecasters have warned that this week and the weekend will see temperatures hotter than Jamaica….
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