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Health benefits of pine needle tea

White Pine Needle Tea

Why you should drink a pine tree   How to make a lovely cup of tree (no, that’s not a typo) Why you should drink pine needles (but NOT these kind): The benefits of Pine Needle Tea This could be ideal if you want to recover quickly from colds and flu I’ve just been on a dog walk. And I noticed THREE houses with Christmas trees up already! I’m all for the festive spirit but that does seem very early….
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Anti-Oxidant Tea: Let’s hear it for the great British cuppa!

Anti-Oxidant tea boosts health

It’s time for tea… no coffee to be found here! How a tea belly can be the healthiest person around A fantastic healthy brew for you to trial – click here for details Today i have to introduce you to a fantastic anti-oxidant tea. A few weeks ago I told you about a fantastic coffee blend that contained CBD to help reduce pain and relax you… …within minutes of sending the letter out I got hundreds of outraged emails from…
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Ten thousand steps…the myth

Why you don’t need to take ten thousand steps a day  How much walking you really need to do  The benefits of meditation on the move A friend of my wife’s was round the other day. She had one of those step-counting apps on her iPhone. “I’ve already hit my 10,000 steps for the day!” she beamed. You hear it a lot… Ten thousand steps – the secret to good health. Walk that amount every day and you’ll lose weight,…
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How to avoid a breakfast conversation none of us wants to have

These statistics are more than worrying, they’ll scare you Why could this essential vitamin hold the key? Discover the major health benefits that are ‘E-asy’ to get hold of October is breast cancer awareness month in the UK. You might think that you know all about this common cancer, and I hope that any women reading this is regularly checking their own body for the early signs Maybe that is why the rates of early stage detection of breast cancer…
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A diet that reverses your age

Proof at last that you really can reverse your biological age – and in just eight weeks, too Eat these ten things this week to make it happen  Why you need to eat more than one kind of mushroom How old are you? I don’t mean your chronological age. That’s just a number! Far more important is your biological age – that’s the one that really counts when it all comes down to it. And those numbers could be significantly…
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Don’t exercise it will make your teeth drop out!

Reasons to be a happy slacker, rather than a gummy gym bunny Even major athletes are at risk of terrible damage from exercise The secret to safe exercise – revealed I don’t want to worry any of you who have turned over a new post lockdown leaf and returned to the gym but – you could be doing more harm than good! Especially where your teeth are concerned. We are used to being told that too much alcohol, too much…
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