Pain Relief

Snake venom as a pain killer…really!

The poison that’s good for you (maybe) • This might make you smile • The weirdest pain relief remedy ever? • Britain’s hidden epidemic The other day I went to my local chemist’s. I asked a woman standing by the counter if she had anything which would kill the coronavirus. “Ammonia cleaner,” she replied. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, “I thought you worked here.” BOOM BOOM! Or “LOL” as the kids say. That was a joke sent to me last…
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Why we’re in a back pain epidemic

Back pain relief with PEMF

Great feedback on this electro-magnetic back pain device Why the most recent back pain stats are so extraordinary – it’s a ticking health time bomb Could this muscle problem be the hidden cause of your pain? Following on from my email on Wednesday I have more of your stories to share. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of writing this newsletter… On a gloomy morning, I open my inbox… And there are your emails, with loads of great suggestions…
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The arthritis remedy that no-one should forget…

Mussels the arthritis remedy

…the amazing discovery from so long ago (well the 1970’s anyway!) Why we all need some of this Kiwi tonic Balance is what health is all about Way back in 2005 a much younger version of my good self set out to research, inform and entertain as many people as I could about natural remedies and other ways to keep you out of the doctor’s surgery. I never dreamed that The Good Life Letter would still be going all these…
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Is there real danger in this common joint pain remedy?

How to help arthritis naturally

Do you know why my inbox exploded about this topic? Are you safe taking these two common arthritis remedies… …and do they work anyway? Discover the facts here Every so often my email inbox explodes with questions relating to a similar topic. When it is something that I have written about I kind of expect it – like the response I got to the coffee newsletter last week! Invariably I get people who write in to agree with me or…
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Some home truths about this painful condition

What is arthritis

Discover what causes arthritis Prevention, management and cure is naturally easy Why you should never give in Right, let’s talk about arthritis. This is a condition which many of us know well, because we suffer from it. Every time we go to our GP with a painful knee, neck or back they will say we have a ‘touch of arthritis’ and that they can only give us pain killers to help. I know this is the case because I’ve just…
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Watch out for this marketing scam

Hemp is not CBD

Let me clear up this common confusion  Why hemp oil is NOT the same as CBD oil  How to avoid this sneaky marketing trick Dear NAME, Can me a fusty old ‘boomer’ if you like but I’ve never really understood fashion labels. It used to drive my kids mad… “Why are you paying that much money for those trainers, just because they have ‘Adidas’ written on them?” I’d ask. “Surely those cheaper ones do the same job?” Same went for…
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