Pain Relief

A Garden Weed That Works Wonders For A Bad Headache

No more days like these, thank you! The fever that’s good for headaches Discover these handy tips to a clearer head Yesterday started out badly… and got worse as the day progressed. I had been woken at 3.00 by the dog barking at a fox in the garden (not sure whether it was the fox or the outside light tripping on that caused the annoyance). Then when I dozed back off, the smoke alarm on the landing started beeping as…
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This strange health practice has now got science backing it

Maybe this isn’t health advice many doctors go for… …but discover what the scientists now say Could Cleopatra have been an early adopter of a new medical breakthrough In The Good Life Letter, I often like to take a stroll off the beaten track of conventional thought. I mean, if you wanted me to advise 8 glasses of water and bed rest for every ailment, you could just pick up the health pages of your daily tabloid, couldn’t you? There’d…
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Have we got medicine totally wrong?

Why it’s wrong to expect this from your GP The problem with the quick fix attitude of Western medicine Alternatives to asthma drugs and pain killers Yesterday, I was standing in a socially distanced Post Office queue. My mask was on… the smell of hand sanitiser in the air… the essence of 2020! Ahead of me in the queue was a middle-aged couple. Of course, I was eavesdropping like I always do! The woman was telling the man about her…
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How to avoid being the centre of attention at the picnic

Return of a summer horror Natural ways to scare off the pests An amazing story from across the pond – Bug Soother Regular readers will know that at this time of year I love my trip to Portugal. But due to the dreaded virus our travel plans have been somewhat curtailed this year… …so far! I consoled myself with the thought that at least I wasn’t going to be mosquito food this year and hoped that they might lose their…
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Snake venom as a pain killer…really!

The poison that’s good for you (maybe) • This might make you smile • The weirdest pain relief remedy ever? • Britain’s hidden epidemic The other day I went to my local chemist’s. I asked a woman standing by the counter if she had anything which would kill the coronavirus. “Ammonia cleaner,” she replied. “Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, “I thought you worked here.” BOOM BOOM! Or “LOL” as the kids say. That was a joke sent to me last…
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Why we’re in a back pain epidemic

Back pain relief with PEMF

Great feedback on this electro-magnetic back pain device Why the most recent back pain stats are so extraordinary – it’s a ticking health time bomb Could this muscle problem be the hidden cause of your pain? Following on from my email on Wednesday I have more of your stories to share. It’s one of the most rewarding aspects of writing this newsletter… On a gloomy morning, I open my inbox… And there are your emails, with loads of great suggestions…
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