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Bowel troubles? Here’s a way to ‘stay regular’

flaxseeds stop bowel troubles

A low-carb porridge breakfast idea that’s great for diabetics How these super-nutritious seeds could be the ideal vegan alternative to fish oils Bowel troubles? Here’s a way to ‘stay regular’ It’s been a weirdly warm autumn… Well, for most of us in the UK anyway. But now that it’s getting all wintry and December is fast approaching, I thought I’d give you an idea for a warming breakfast meal. The good thing about this one is… It has a LOT…
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What I think about a crazy weight loss fad

weight loss drug

My eyeball damage horror story This Guardian article was so annoying that I did myself a mischief What I think about this new weight loss fad (clue: not a lot) I regret to inform you that I have suffered eyeball damage. Sad, but true. It happened last week, on the 9th November, while I was reading an article in The Guardian online. The headline was this: ‘I miss eating: the truth behind the weight loss drug that makes food repulsive.’…
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Seaweed: Why this type of sea food is the future

Seaweed Laverbread

An underappreciated health elixir that we should all be eating more of – it doesn’t need water or soil to grow! The surprising benefits of sea lettuce, laverbread and sushi Alternative tips for getting this sustainable superfood into your diet When you think of the British seaside you might conjure up images of sand, sea, buckets ‘n’ spades… And rain, of course. You probably also think about the smell. That rotten, salty, eggy whiff. It’s so evocative, even if it…
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Comfort Food Too Much of a Temptation?

Healthy comfort food for winter

The pleasant changes of the autumn season Do you turn into a winter hermit? Discover the 2 part plan to keep fit over the colder months Comfort food is synonymous with cold dark nights… and here comes Autumn! I know many people don’t like this season, but it does have some benefits. For instance, our household will be gathered around the fire of an evening and wrapping ourselves around steaming mugs of cocoa. (Make sure that you are using properly…
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What is the healthiest time to eat?

early or late dinner

How your dinnertime affects your mood The best time of day to digest food If you need to lose weight, try this one thing What is the healthiest time to eat? For instance when are you eating dinner tonight? (Or maybe you call it ‘tea’ in your neck of the woods.) Do you generally eat it early, or late? And is it at the same time every night, or does it vary? Don’t panic, I’m not about to turn up…
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Brain food: Discover how to feed your brain

Alzheimers remedy

Most people forget this truth about cognitive decline  How to feed your brain to keep it younger, sharper, more focussed  Why this is one of the most important factors in a healthy brain I did it again. Found myself in the kitchen wondering, “Why am I here?” It wasn’t a philosophical question. I wasn’t searching for the meaning of existence. Genuinely, I had no idea why I was in the kitchen. This happens to me a lot. I’m sure it…
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