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Why Cancer Rates Are Rising for the Under 50s

I want to tell you a tale of two diets. Both were reported in the same newspaper (The Times) within a week of each other. And they say a lot about the age we are living in. One gives us good reason to despair… The other, thankfully, may offer us a glimmer of hope. Let’s start with the optimistic one, to ease us in gently. Eco-Friendly Diet Cuts Death Risk By a Third About five years ago, The Lancet published…
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How to avoid tick-based diseases

Our changing climate is resulting much milder winters and hotter summers. Already, we are seeing signs of animals establishing themselves in this warmer version of the UK. Asian hornets and European Paper Wasps are becoming more common, basking sharks are swimming around our shores, while birds like the Cattle Egret and Little Egret are increasingly spotted here. Then there’s the tick… Milder winters are making making tick season start earlier and last longer – what’s more, new varieties are taking…
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It’s surprising what you can do with radishes

As I’ve said before I love gardening but I’ve had a disastrous start to my gardening year. For some reason, I’m the target of a local fox-gang vendetta – they’ve made a concerted effort to dig everything up. This is despite me using all kinds of natural deterrents. Constant rain, saturated conditions and the cold have made things really slow. And I’ve abandoned almost half of my crops to the elements or the animals! However, yesterday I was delighted to…
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An update on this booming weight loss drug

Why juice injections are bad for you

Did you get my email on Wednesday? I wrote about a new scheme to prescribe fruit and vegetables to NHS patients in London. As I would have expected, it has worked wonders… Just £8 worth of fruit and vegetables created massive improvements in their health within just EIGHT MONTHS, including better blood glucose levels, higher energy levels, and improved digestion. One of these improvements was weight loss. And this is what you’d expect – because making these kinds of dietary…
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Well, this isn’t surprising

Are health checks good for you

I often rail about the unnecessary prescriptions GPs give out. Drugs with side effects are dished out to masses of patients, when a lot of these people could have found other more natural preventatives and remedies. And I’ve long promoted the idea that by making some lifestyle changes, especially dietary ones, we can reduce or avoid a lot of serious health problems. So I was not at all surprised by the results of an ‘innovative’ pilot scheme in Tower Hamlets…
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The great British mashed potato boom

Here’s some news… Sales of mashed potato are flying in the UK! At first, you might think this is fine. Why would this story be controversial? Well, because of this… It’s not WHOLE POTATOES that are soaring in popularity… We’re not talking about people mashing potatoes at home, as they’ve been doing for centuries. I’m talking about READY-MASHED potatoes. Ready cooked, ready salted, ready buttered, ready milked, ready everything. According to Tesco, the demand for ready-meal mashed spuds was already…
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