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Why going it alone is bad for your health

Hold hands for health

The problem with coronavirus isolation – why it makes you feel more pain  Why holding hands reduces pain  If this was a drug, it would sell like hotcakes I’m the last person you’d accuse of being a hippy. I don’t have long hair, for one thing. Truth be told, I don’t have much hair at all. But when I was young I didn’t really do all that lefty rebellion stuff. I was a rugby player.  A bit of a ‘lad’. …
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Beanz Meanz… far more than any of us thought!

A windy prospect – or is it all in the mind? Being polite might just be the worst thing you could do Please don’t be offended by todays topic… it really is important Given the recent history of stormy weather (remember the good old days of just worrying about flooding!) I thought I should have a look at wind of another sort so be prepared for a little closet humour. The production of digestive gas is often a cause for…
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Sorry, but I need to use the c-word

How to prevent getting coronavirus

Why I’ve been silent on coronavirus until now This media hype is so dangerous The best ways to protect your health right now I’ve held back on writing about this… For numerous reasons that I’ll explain in a moment. But today, I need to use the c-word. Yes, coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19. Every news bulletin and all the front pages are filled with worrying stories about the spread of this virus. There has been a lot of misinformation… A…
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Tempted to Spring Clean your home…. don’t believe the ads

Harmful air freshener

Take the headache out of cleaning product choice This tip will make your home smell like a bakery… mmmmm! How to get a naturally clean home with ease You’ve probably seen ads like these… A housewife sits in her house, looking depressed. There’s a wet dog in the kitchen and nasty cooking odours everywhere. Her home is so smelly that even the flowers on the window ledge have wilted. Then suddenly as if from nowhere a can of air freshener…
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When fruit is bad for you

Why juice injections are bad for you

The weird case of the woman who injected herself with fruit The perils of this new ‘vitamin drip’ fad How to give yourself a super healthy vitamin shot the safe way I’m always extolling the virtues of fruit and veg. They are nature’s very best medicine! Only a few weeks ago, a new study showed that a piece of fruit plus a large serving of vegetables a day could reduce the risk of stroke by 13%. For instance, an apple…
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Why these Martian rocks in the toilet bowl should be avoided

Could Martian nanobacteria cause kidney stones

What has changed in the last forty years in your life? Are you the victim of nanobacteria? Natural protection against kidney stones I received one of those humorous round robin emails the other day. They’re usually an instant victim of my DELETE button, but I quite liked this one’s description of the difference between 1970 and now: 1970: Long hair 2020: Longing for hair 1970: Going to a new, hip joint 2020: Receiving a new hip joint 1970: Rolling Stones…
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