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Dementia & Belly Fat Linked

belly fat diet

How the bigger belly can lead to a major problem Discover the new link made between body fat and dementia A few real world ways to trim the waistline If there’s one place I struggle with when it comes to weight, it’s my belly. Notice I use the word ‘IF’. The truth is I have the capacity to put on weight anywhere, especially since I turned forty. In fact I swear even my ears are a bit plumper than they…
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Vagal Nerve: Key stress-busting secrets shared

vagal nerve natural stress relief

An unusual way to keep calm and positive in the face of adversity  Revealed, how to stimulate your stress-busting nerve system  The hidden benefits of gargling, singing and saying “OMMMMMMMMMM” Today I want to intrioduce you to the Vagal Nerve. It’s one of twelve pairs of nerves called the Cranial Nerves because they do not enter the spinal cord. The Vagal Nerve is often considered to be the most important of these nerves, and I want to show you what…
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Health benefits of vinegar to surprise you…

Health Benefits of Vinegar

The health benefits of vinegar – Why vinegar is not just for chips How to deal with these striped monsters Why this pungent liquid helps avoid a health pickle Discover what a thousand years of Asian healing can do for you – click here I have been collecting odd remedies for a few years now, and it’s no surprise that they often come to my aid. One of my wife’s favourites came to my rescue last weekend. A large fence…
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Five superfoods of love revealed

natural viagra

Five superfoods that could spice up your love life Discover what the Aztecs, Madame du Barry and Casanova have in common…. How this ‘chocolate’ fruit could stimulate your libido The subject line of today’s letter reads a bit like one of those junk emails. You know… the ones that say: ‘She’ll be Amazed at Your New Power’ and ‘Be Her Perfect Macho!’ But today I hope I can offer you some feasible natural ways to spice your love-life up a…
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Why this healthy fat is the real deal

coconut oil_the healthy fat

Discover why so many nutritionists have got it wrong… …and why they are not giving up without a fight Healthy fats boost health – discover what they can do for you I regularly point out that pizza and fast food can never be classed as good foods. Enjoyable they may be as a treat, but certainly should never be a major part of a daily diet. One of the reasons was the excessively high amounts of fats they contain –…
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Positive Thinking can control pain

Natural Pain Relief

Is the answer to this common arthritis symptom in your mind?  Yet more proof that drugless treatments for joint pain really do work  How this young woman overcame her mobility problems Today I am talking about positive thinking, and how powerful it can be in managing chronic pain. Let me start by considering some of the most serious of painful conditions. There are 800,000 people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases in the UK. Four in five of these sufferers report daily…
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