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Is a good night’s sleep just a dream?

Sleep better naturally

Discover the health benefits of good sleep Why should you have a dark experience every night? Find out the five secrets of restful sleep Every so often we all struggle to get to sleep. It’s usually because we are fretting about something, or we may have overdone the rich food and wine at a party. But for some night time is a series of short naps and long periods of tossing and turning, watching the clock slowly tick through the…
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New survey reveals a big problem with cannabis oil

CBD oil is not hemp oil

Why anxiety is a mental health problem with serious physical effects  New survey reveals a big problem with cannabis oil  How to improve your sleep, boost concentration and ease chronic pain Alex McMillian is a 24-year old who struggles with anxiety. It’s been plaguing him since he was a teenager. “Depending on how bad my anxiety was,” he says, “I wouldn’t go out with my friends. I would tend to shut people out because I thought no one understood.” According…
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How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs

healthy hot dog

How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs Why scientists get my goat How the nation’s favourite food could keep your brain alive! The Health and Safety folk would have had a field day if they’d seen me last night… There’s a park at the end of our road that’s used a lot by the local community… picnics, kick arounds, sunbathing (on the 3 days of summer we get)… you name it, it happens. And yesterday being bonfire night,…
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It is time to come clean about aspirin…

health risks of aspirin

Aspirin; safe cure or health risk… Discuss! How a misprint put the worlds healthy at risk The way forward… according to Ray Over the past few months there has been a lot of discussion within medical research circles about the potential benefits of aspirin being over stated. Maybe the advice that we should all be taking it to avoid a heart attack might not be based upon flawed data. Despite several claims that small doses of this inexpensive drug can…
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The surprisingly healthy thing about Halloween

Health benefits of pumpkins

Hate Halloween? Love it? Either way, there’s something very healthy about this popular decoration  The ‘scary’ veg that can reduce inflammation, lower risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes…  And naturally relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Ready for Halloween? “Of course not, Ray,” you shout. “I’m not a child, I am [INSERT YOUR AGE HERE]!” Or maybe you love it and your home is draped in fake cobwebs and dangling skeletons. I’ll admit, I’ve never been big on…
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Is this staple food really good for us?

Can bread be healthy

Find out what the Romans ever did for us Don’t miss out on the perfect bread recipe Learn the simple way to buy healthily “What have the Romans ever done for us?” Some of you should now be reciting…”Aqueducts, sanitation, the roads… and peace”, others may be completely mystified. Don’t worry it’s not some secret Masonic ritual, but part of the script from a Monty Python film. Avoiding the opportunity to ramble on further about the brilliance of the Monty…
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