When FitBits are bad for you

Are you suffering from “the nocebo effect”? The hidden drawbacks from FitBits on your wrist When too much information is bad for you Last year, I was in a pub with one of my old friends. He runs his own successful business and has a LOT of money – enough for a BMW sports car, a five bedroom London house and all the latest tech. He was telling me about how he’d cut down on drinking and started doing high…
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How a cabbage can cure stomach pain

Cabbages can cuer stomach pain

This is why you should all be eating your greens Make the most of this seasonal fare – your tummy will thank you for it Can it really be true that cabbages can cure stomach pain? I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that this was some kind of lockdown leg pulling… …Ray Collins losing it… …however, the science is on my side with this one. More importantly it’s not just cabbages that have this effect either – kale, broccoli…
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