Allergies, Coughs & Colds

Will you be one of the lucky nineteen people to benefit from this letter?

Am I alone in feeling like this right now? If it’s natural it has to be good for you right… or maybe not! This is how to share my special ‘bounce back’ brew… Limited offer. I don’t know about you but a combination of dark wet days, lockdown anxiety and missing out on meeting my friends and family are having serious consequences on my energy levels. On top of all of that I have got a bit of a cold,…
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Why Scotland is dishing out free vitamins

Interesting news from Scotland – why they’re dishing out free vitamin pills  Why does the media love to hate vitamin supplements?  The worrying ingredient inside your vitamin pills – why these drugs don’t work So it has come to this… FREE vitamins! Well… For some people in Scotland anyway. The Scottish government has announced that those who are shielding will get a free four-month supply of vitamin D supplements to boost their immune systems this winter. An NHS letter even…
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Natural protection from candida outbreaks

This weird census had a surprising result When BAD fungi run rampage How grapefruit seed extract can help control candida, colds & flu, skin infections, stomach bugs and urinary tract infections – find out more here In 2013, researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA completed a census. But not of people… It was a fungi census! They were trying to work out just how many types of fungus live on our bodies. To do it,…
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Vampires will hate you for this immunity booster

Try this anti-vampire method of increasing your resistance to infections  This new trial into vitamin D and Covid-19 is going to be interesting  It already boosts immunity… but can it really help protect us against coronavirus? Worried about vampires? Don’t have a stake handy? No crucifix in the house? No problem! All you need is a bulb of fresh garlic and the monster cannot touch you. That’s how the story goes anyway. But why would we invent such an odd…
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When your insides turn to bad avocado

The trouble with avocados – and why your cells have the same problem!  How vitamin C slows down ageing  Another way to boost your immune system this winter – by switching this appliance off at night! I love avocados. They’re not only delicious but full of nutrients, including vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, riboflavin, folate, niacin, potassium and magnesium. There are two very annoying things about them, though. Firstly, trying to get a properly ripe one is tricky. Often…
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Does your GP react like this to you?

Natural cold cures

Why you shouldn’t forget that the common cold is still out there Discover some powerful natural anti-virals Here’s a singers secret that can ease a sore throat I’ve had a few emails of late asking why GP’s don’t ever talk about natural remedies. Under the current restrictions imposed on medics due to the coronavirus, many people are struggling to get to see or even talk to their surgeries. When they do get through the impression is that they will be…
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