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Manuka Honey Scam: This is shameful

Is it real or fake?

The shocking truth about supermarket honey – it’s not what it says it is on the jar Finally, this food scam is being exposed, but will anything be done about it. How to eat genuine, raw, healthy honey that actually does you good There is a major Manuka Honey Scam going on. I’ve been banging on about this for years… To the point where I feel like a stuck record. But finally, thanks to an article I’ve just read, it…
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Could a zinc deficiency be increasing your flu risk

Zinc deficiency increases flu risk

My wife’s winter cold is like a Hollywood serial killer! Are you having this common winter cold problem too? News about the link between zinc and flu This happens a lot in horror films. A crazed killer goes on the rampage… The victims pile up… one after the other… That is, until some plucky hero eventually manages to do him in… pushing him from a tall building or bashing him over the head with a heavy object. As you sit…
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Why a good rant can work wonders for your health

How I ranted my way to a slimmer waist If you haven’t got this in your house this winter, you should get one NOW and protect your whole family The boozy way to better health I’ve just discovered ANOTHER great way to lose weight and keep trim? Ranting. After Friday’s letter, where I told you about how I have my alter ego to contend with I went for a little swim. And I MEAN little. Just changing into my trunks…
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How to get the inside knowledge about natural health

Discover what a range of experts do to keep themselves healthy… …and why raw egg and farm cider played a part in the Collins’ heritage A chance to try a new daily routine that can be a real tonic Being confined to quarters has given me a real chance to think about a whole lot of stuff. Why did I never get the chance to pull on the Welsh Rugby shirt (everyone enjoying the Six Nations by the way)? How…
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Why you should never starve a fever

What to do when bacteria invade  Why this common belief about colds and fevers is wrong  My recipe for a soup that decongests you… (Better than chicken soup for a cold!) Recently, there was outrage over a new pound coin. Designed to commemorate the author HG Wells, it depicted one of the alien machines from his novel, The War Of The Worlds. Now if you’ve read that book, you’ll know that the Martians invade the earth in giant tripods. Tripod…
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Will you be one of the lucky nineteen people to benefit from this letter?

Am I alone in feeling like this right now? If it’s natural it has to be good for you right… or maybe not! This is how to share my special ‘bounce back’ brew… Limited offer. I don’t know about you but a combination of dark wet days, lockdown anxiety and missing out on meeting my friends and family are having serious consequences on my energy levels. On top of all of that I have got a bit of a cold,…
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