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Pollen bombs, natural avoidance tactics

Natural Hay Fever remedies

Things don’t look great in the sunshine How the plant kingdom is fighting back Discover the pocket remedy that will get you through the pollen cloud The whole of the UK is about to be hit by a pollen bomb. How lovely! A freak set of natural and weather conditions is going to concentrate a range of plant pollens… …and dump them on us all. Forecasters have warned that this week and the weekend will see temperatures hotter than Jamaica….
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Piriton Shortage: Natural Hay Fever Remedies

Piriton Shortage_Natural Alternatives

Oh, woe is me! Simple, natural ways to beat the curse of hay fever this spring How to ease allergy symptoms with your thumb I woke to hear that there is a Piriton shortage and also other allergy remedies in short supply too. So I thought I would do my bit to help the struggling pharmacies. You see, I love sunny Spring mornings, yomping across the fields with the dog in the early morning air. Hearing the bird song from…
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Home cough remedies: Belly of a horse anyone?

Here are some fantastic home cough and cold remedies Nan’s cure-all is vindicated Find out why a remedy involving a hat is my favourite With the wet and windy weather of late, and all the talk of further impending storms there isn’t much incentive to get out of bed. However, I can’t wait to be up and about because you, my dear readers, have made me laugh every single day. Last week I asked for some of your family heirloom…
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Seven weird ways to deal with a cough

Even cavemen used their grannies remedies The magnificent seven…or not! Can you do better? There seems to be a few people suffering from old fashioned coughs around at the moment. It’s not an outbreak of a new variant of COVID or anything nasty…. it just seems to be the return of a normal winter cough. Whoever thought we might welcome something so familiar back! This outbreak had me searching in my resource centre (OK, the pile of yellowing newspaper clippings…
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Manuka Honey Scam: This is shameful

Is it real or fake?

The shocking truth about supermarket honey – it’s not what it says it is on the jar Finally, this food scam is being exposed, but will anything be done about it. How to eat genuine, raw, healthy honey that actually does you good There is a major Manuka Honey Scam going on. I’ve been banging on about this for years… To the point where I feel like a stuck record. But finally, thanks to an article I’ve just read, it…
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Could a zinc deficiency be increasing your flu risk

Zinc deficiency increases flu risk

My wife’s winter cold is like a Hollywood serial killer! Are you having this common winter cold problem too? News about the link between zinc and flu This happens a lot in horror films. A crazed killer goes on the rampage… The victims pile up… one after the other… That is, until some plucky hero eventually manages to do him in… pushing him from a tall building or bashing him over the head with a heavy object. As you sit…
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