Food Truths

Are bananas really dangerous sugar sticks?

Why this GP believes that bananas are unhealthy ‘sugar sticks’  But are you really risking your health with this fruit, especially if you eat them for breakfast?  How to protect against hardening of the arteries Ever had a banana for breakfast? Or as a mid-morning snack? Well, this might be a problem according to some experts, who believe you should NEVER have a banana for breakfast. They are, according to one GP, nothing more than giant sugar sticks. You see,…
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It’s official – bad things are good for you

The five brain foods we all need   Have you let your standards slip too? Here’s a researcher that loves his TV Discover the five brain foods that will boost your IQ… maybe! I have been pondering the way the past three months have affected many peoples’ diets. In some cases the tendency has been to rediscover old recipes and start to cook healthy and hearty meals at home. But for other people the temptation has been to snack and…
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Make your own breakfast superfood

Are you guilty of self denial? A closely guarded secret revealed 5 health benefits from a sugar rich food Health logic says that if something is loaded with sugar then it shouldn’t be good for us. However, what logic doesn’t take into account is the quantity we eat – so that a small portion of a sugar rich food could provide a whole lot more than a few calories. I made this fantastic discovery after I walked back into the…
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Red Wine: Is it good for you or not?

Red Wine: Love it or hate it you can’t ignore this research   Maybe your red wine coping mechanism isn’t so bad after all There are real scientific reasons to have a guilt free tipple If wine isn’t for you… what about chocolate instead? We all need a bit of cheering up at the moment don’t we? Maybe you are feeling a tad guilty about reaching for the alcohol bottles to help you cope with the worry and concern over…
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How to harvest your own medicine

The secret to green fingered remedies Here are three of the best for your garden… …and some hot stuff for the window ledge Spring has sprung, as they say. All around me the trees are in blossom, the dandelions and daises are poking through the lawn and the weeds are taking over my vegetable plot… …but this year I have the time to spend beating the little blighters. I am finding a gentle bit of hoeing and weeding every day…
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The food that is so often misunderstood

healthy food

Where I stand on the great carb debate Why there is such a thing as good and bad foods Nuts, seeds & berries – not just for birds! At my age I’m often misunderstood…I get used to it. Being the complex and irascible character that I am can sometimes lead to a period of being ostracised. To be honest with you there are times when I actually enjoy it! You could say that I have been in training for self-isolation…
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