Food Truths

Could coffee be an answer to your bad mood?

Coffee and Health

Can this natural drink be this bad for you? Reasons to be cheerful this January The study that might make you think again… Post New Year we are all looking around for something that can spark us into action after a few weeks of sloth and over indulgence (or at least that was what we did over the festive period… might be on my own here then!) For many folk a daily coffee boost seems to be the pick me…
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How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs

healthy hot dog

How a hot dog can kill off dangerous bugs Why scientists get my goat How the nation’s favourite food could keep your brain alive! The Health and Safety folk would have had a field day if they’d seen me last night… There’s a park at the end of our road that’s used a lot by the local community… picnics, kick arounds, sunbathing (on the 3 days of summer we get)… you name it, it happens. And yesterday being bonfire night,…
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The surprisingly healthy thing about Halloween

Health benefits of pumpkins

Hate Halloween? Love it? Either way, there’s something very healthy about this popular decoration  The ‘scary’ veg that can reduce inflammation, lower risk of heart disease and type-2 diabetes…  And naturally relieve symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Ready for Halloween? “Of course not, Ray,” you shout. “I’m not a child, I am [INSERT YOUR AGE HERE]!” Or maybe you love it and your home is draped in fake cobwebs and dangling skeletons. I’ll admit, I’ve never been big on…
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Is this staple food really good for us?

Can bread be healthy

Find out what the Romans ever did for us Don’t miss out on the perfect bread recipe Learn the simple way to buy healthily “What have the Romans ever done for us?” Some of you should now be reciting…”Aqueducts, sanitation, the roads… and peace”, others may be completely mystified. Don’t worry it’s not some secret Masonic ritual, but part of the script from a Monty Python film. Avoiding the opportunity to ramble on further about the brilliance of the Monty…
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Do our children really deserve this? Clearly not!

allergies in the UK

How can it be that half of our children have developed allergies? The shocking discovery – food and allergy links Discover why our kids are heading for disaster At school I was aware of two kids who had asthma (one of whom also suffered from hay fever) and one lad who frightened us all by collapsing during a game of rugby, needing a boiled sweet to revive him. Turned out he had diabetes. Plus there was the surprising incident where…
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I hate to say I told you so, but…

Is red meat healthy

Rant warning! Don’t health journalists think any more?  Why this latest story about red meat and cancer is not really a story at all  The real villain here… I hate to say I told you so… And this email isn’t to crow about it or show off about my genius health insights. In fact, my insights were obvious – and this is why I’m so angry. Anyway, let me explain… On the 30th September you might have seen headlines in…
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