Food Truths

Nestlé have got a nerve doing this

Is the food industry making us sick

I had to laugh when I read this… It was an article in The Times, with the headline: ‘Buy half your food locally, public bodies told’. It was about how schools, hospitals and councils should get at least half of their food from local and sustainable sources. And it included a call for the government to implement a strategy to shift people away from poor environmental farming practices and towards healthier, seasonal food. Nothing wrong with that – I’m all for…
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Depressing news about this new weight loss drug

weight loss drug

I’ve had struggles with weight in the past. And I’m sure plenty of Good Life Letter readers have, too. So I completely get the attraction of a drug that seems to ‘cure’ obesity and make you slim again. But I also despair… Because it feels like we had a chance, as a society, to address the fundamental problems that make us prone to weight gain… The abundance of cheap convenience food… alluringly packaged products loaded with sugar, salt and trans…
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Revealed: the 9 worst PFAS fruit ‘n’ veg

PFAS fruit and veg image

At the end of last month, I wrote about PFAS – also known as ‘forever chemicals’ – and how they’ve been found in 95% of strawberries. I had a few emails about this, asking whether thoroughly washing fruit would help? Alas, no… In a recent Independent article, Nick Mole, a policy advisor at the Pesticide Action Network (PAN) said that while washing food can get rid of mud, germs and some bacteria, it cannot get rid of PFAS. “The pesticides…
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How bitter foods boost your memory & mood

How do you feel about brussels sprouts? I grew up eating them every Christmas, but never at any other time of the year. I thought they were tolerable… But my father LOATHED them with a passion. He wasn’t keen on other bitter vegetables either, like cabbage. And my own kids used to look aghast at any dark green leafy vegetables I put on the table. It turns out that there are reasons why some people get such revulsion at bitter-tasting…
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Could broccoli and mackerel help avoid serious disease?

Vitamin A might not always grab the headlines like some of its vitamin cousins. But it’s seriously important. This essential nutrient helps with everything from seeing in the dark to fighting off germs. Despite its low profile, vitamin A is a big deal for our bodies, making sure our eyes, skin, gut and immune system are all running smoothly. It has been proven to be effective against the worst of all cancers – pancreatic tumours. This evil condition has the…
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Easy Greenhouse Superfoods

I’ve really enjoyed your comments about cucumbers after my Good Life letter a few weeks ago. There is a real underground movement in favour of what I had always thought of as a staple but uninteresting salad vegetable. I was thinking about this on Easter Monday as I pottered in my little greenhouse, where I am starting to grow tomato, cucumbers, green peppers, and chilli plants. These might be known as trendy superfoods, but if you grow them yourself, they…
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