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Natural whole foods to protect your health

Is there any science behind children’s colour choice? How prehistoric man (and women!) ate better than we do The 5 caveman foodstuffs we should be eating Something strange happened in the Collins household this morning… As I sat down to breakfast and unfolded my paper, the household braced themselves for my usual tirade round a mouthful of cornflakes. My eldest son got ready to pat me on the back and hand me a glass of water, while Lara stood in…
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Why you should eat in threes

Easy Weight Loss

Why you shouldn’t trust an easy answer when it comes to health…  But then again, this 3-3-3 formula for good heart health makes sense…  And it could help stabilise your blood sugar People love easy solutions. I understand that. After all, imagine a single pill that could solve all your pain problems… A push-button business idea that would end your money worries… A secret formula that will guarantee you stay slim for life… These sorts of promises are hard to…
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