Memory & Brain Health

Brain food: Discover how to feed your brain

Alzheimers remedy

Most people forget this truth about cognitive decline  How to feed your brain to keep it younger, sharper, more focussed  Why this is one of the most important factors in a healthy brain I did it again. Found myself in the kitchen wondering, “Why am I here?” It wasn’t a philosophical question. I wasn’t searching for the meaning of existence. Genuinely, I had no idea why I was in the kitchen. This happens to me a lot. I’m sure it…
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Dementia & Belly Fat Linked

belly fat diet

How the bigger belly can lead to a major problem Discover the new link made between body fat and dementia A few real world ways to trim the waistline If there’s one place I struggle with when it comes to weight, it’s my belly. Notice I use the word ‘IF’. The truth is I have the capacity to put on weight anywhere, especially since I turned forty. In fact I swear even my ears are a bit plumper than they…
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Avoiding Alzheimer’s: How to prevent cognitive decline

Avoiding Cognitive Decline through Sleep

Revealed, the sleep ‘sweet spot’– could this help you avoid cognitive decline?  How to ‘pressure wash’ the toxins from your brain  How to lower your cold & flu risk by having a kids’ bedtime routine I know that foxes need to make babies. It’s not like they can choose a career instead, or go travelling the world, free of commitments. But do they have to make such a racket? Last night I thought someone was being murdered in the garden….
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Why I hate Ray Collins

Does your brain play this trick on you?  Why it’s good to forget things  A neuroscientist’s tips on memory power This might shock you. But there are two Ray Collins. Or should that be “two Ray Collinses”? Anyway, there is the Ray Collins who writes these emails to you with useful (hopefully) information about health and nutrition. He probably comes across as someone fairly ‘on the ball’ – or at least I’d like to think so. Perhaps there’s the odd…
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The secret messages your body is sending you

Fascinating new research on anxiety and depression How your body communicates with your brain to avoid danger What your heartbeat can tell you about your ability to cope with stress Odd question, but… Can you feel your own heartbeat? I don’t mean by taking your pulse or pressing your hand against your chest… Can you feel it beating if you sit very still and quietly? Your answer could be linked to your levels of anxiety – and your ability to…
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How nuts can revitalise your brain

Find out why this sad news about football heroes hit home An oily way to better brain power Discover the simple changes you can make to stop the worries I read with deep sympathy the stories of two ex-professional footballers who have been diagnosed with early stages of dementia. To the families and friends of Terry McDermott and Denis Law the news will be devastating as much as it is to them personally. It’s something I have experience of too….
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