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More about the moon and how it affects your mood and health

Is the moon a health issue? Readers have their say Is the moon a natural health issue? Readers have their verdict – some great feedback here! A weird link between our only satellite and your intestinal worms (this is a bit “eeaaugh”!) Evidence that the moon makes us more violent – I reveal a fascinating study by the UK police The other week I wrote to you about the moon… I explained that many people believe its different phases affect…
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Teacher, teacher! Can you hear this too?

Can you tell the difference between a Robin and a Tit? How stress can lead to heart break Try these simple home exercises to aid relaxation Are you enjoying the dawn chorus? The bird song that greets us every morning as the sun shines. With no traffic noise, no aeroplanes and few people walking around the air is loud with the birds. I’m no David Attenborough when it comes to identifying them though, so this week I decided to try…
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This is crazy

How fish oil makes you happy

The dietary deficiency linked to mental health problems  Eat more of this to give your mood a big boost  How to get your omega-3s without fish Last weekend was a big test for the country. The first really sunny, warm weather for most of Britain and nobody was supposed to be outside in it! Or at least, they were allowed out for one piece of exercise then supposed to get right back home. It was government lockdown rules… No sunbathing,…
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Lockdown brain hacks revealed

The most devastating side effects of long-term isolation How to hotwire your happiness circuits Try these lockdown brain hacks Looks like we’re in for the long haul. It could be 30, 60, 90 days… or even more… until the lockdown rules relax. We just don’t know. One of the most devastating side effects will be the impact on the mental health of millions of people in this country. Not only people who have major issues already… But those who experience…
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These are the six ways to happiness – naturally

How to stay happy

Discover the natural ways to beat the blues The health benefits from a smile that could help you live longer There are no April Fool’s Day tricks in this letter… honest! Welcome to April Fool’s Day. For once I don’t think there will be many japes pulled this year, far from it. There seems to be no end to national misery at the moment, I have actually started to dread opening a newspaper or listening to the news. This virus…
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Could your belly button be the energiser you need?

How a simple exercise can fire you up for the day A different idea for Alzheimer’s How to avoid the mental strain of social distancing I don’t know if this is a sign of things to come… But I’ve been staring blankly at the screen for the past hour trying to get today’s letter started. Maybe it’s because I feel trapped in the house (thanks coronavirus!) or it could be writers block but something is definitely amiss. Lara’s even hoovered…
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