How to avoid being left alone this Christmas

To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is probably the most widely used understatement in the history of the planet.

I totally understand the amount of worry, stress and concern that we all have about all sorts of aspects of our lives.

But one thing none of us needs are the ‘healthy Christmas diet’ campaigns that I have seen starting to appear.

I am not going to let these health warriors spoil any of my fun this year.

My festive season is going to be a lot different to normal and I am certain that I won’t be introducing any further constraints on it because of what I chose to eat.

There’s something important you must remember about overeating at Christmas… about all those chocolates and pies… those second helpings and indulgent puddings…


All that bad-for-you-stuff… all that gut-busting, lard-inducing, sweetened rubbish you’re about to throw down your gullet.

Yes, I’m sorry, but I am going to have to break the nutritional news to you…



Yes, forget all the health advice, paranoia and fuss….

It’s official: having fun, being indulgent and not caring for a few days over Christmas is GOOD FOR YOU.

We’ve got the whole of January to get back on track. Besides, as you know from my many previous Good Life Letters, a little bit of what you fancy does you no harm.

In fact, using Christmas to relax and de-stress may do you and your family the whole world of good. Despite putting on a few pounds…

I, for one, am going to lay aside my differences with certain foodstuffs on Christmas day.

Ray Collins is going to have a love in with the naughty stuff.

And no amount of his family screaming, “NOT ANOTHER PIE!” is going to stop this juggernaut of joy achieving his goal…

Which is….

To nap his merry head off in the armchair before all those soap operas start depressing him to death.

But please don’t think me irresponsible.

Clearly I will still be taking steps to look after myself and I am happy to share this with you all…

These festive treats will do you good

The assault on my system from a rich diet, a few too many sweet treats and the odd glass or two of ‘Oh be Joyful!’ might make me a less than pleasurable companion.

Not because I am likely to get too feisty, but for a simple hygiene reason.

All of these allow the naturally occurring bacteria in our mouths to have their own party time and that means a build up of plaque and the dreaded bad breath.

We all have the relative who tends to be left at a distance due to a less than melliferous mouth odour… well I don’t want to be one of them.

If we are going to be restricted to three households on the big day I want to know that I am in prime and fresh condition.

But of course the real issue is to protect my teeth.

The acid produced by these harmful bacteria strip away at the building blocks of your teeth: calcium and phosphate. This process is called demineralisation and is the most common reason why teeth go bad.

So if you can stop the build up of the bacteria and their damaging residue then you stop this process and if you are really clever you also encourage the body to produce stronger and healthier teeth which are capable of repelling any further attacks.

In the past this would have meant brushing teeth two or three times a day as well as in the morning and before bedtime… that’s a lot of work and can cause gum damage too.

Help though is at hand… and in the pocket!

I have something that is much easier to do during the day, even if you follow a diet of pure garlic over the next few weeks – Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints

Back in stock, and loved by all!

A few years ago I had the pleasure of introducing you to an amazing breath freshening mint made by a couple of practicing dentists.

At the time I explained that these weren’t any ordinary mint, and indeed were sugar-free in order to protect your teeth, as you would expect from anyone who was concerned with looking after your molars.

However, these truly remarkable mints don’t just stop at protecting your teeth, they actually allow them to repair any damage that has been caused.

During this year the dentists have upgraded the recipe and made all of the packaging bio-degradable, and we finally have a good stock of them back in the shop.

So in my book they are definitely part of my Christmas daily routine when I get to eat all of the good stuff, but don’t necessarily want to be brushing my teeth 3 or 4 times a day.

The benefits of Dr Heff’s Remarkable Mints are:

  • They are completely sugar free so don’t promote bacterial growth
  • They kill mouth bacteria including those which can’t be reached by brushing
  • They help clean and protect your teeth
  • They contain calcium phosphate which helps teeth remineralise
  • They freshen your breath because they contain natural peppermint oil
  • They reduce acid build up in the mouth and prevent demineralisation of your teeth
  • They contain extracts of green tea which inhibits bacterial enzymes that attack your teeth
  • They contain Xylitol which is a natural sweetener that actually helps protect your teeth

Now is the perfect time to get a stock of these mints in and they can be easily slipped into pockets, handbags or cars in preparation for all of that festive fun.

Make sure that you get the chance to enjoy the next few weeks in a guilt free way – celebrate the friends and family you have around you, even if you can’t see or hug them all this year.

For those who you are close to, make sure your breath is fragrant and your teeth clean… every day!

Get your Remarkable Mints today and carry a pack in the car, handbag or pocket every day