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No dentist appointments: Shocking news revealed

Dr Heffs Mints

Discover the real impact that COVID has had on our teeth Why children are being failed by the NHS New stock… small mistake – Dr Heff’s Mints Been to the dentist lately? I ask because some of the latest statistics released by the British Dental Association show that only a third of us have been to the dentist in the last two years. Of course, trying to see a dentist is a major issue if you do want to see…
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Can you smell that? The horror of bad breath

Natural halitosis remedies

Is there anything worse on a hot day than this? A few simple changes to make to your daily routines Homemade help for social inclusion The ending of lockdown rules has had some unintended consequences. People who haven’t been getting out in the world are beginning to meet up again. This has led to a few issues… …How do you tell someone that their breath is melting your face? There must be people out there who think that everyone else…
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Help, I’m addicted to looking in my fridge

Have you been corona-zombified?  How the pandemic has created a snacking boom and a dental timebomb  Why there’s been a worrying recent surge in oral cancer cases Have you found yourself staring into the fridge a lot recently? It’s a habit of mine. I go into the kitchen, open the door of the fridge and stare in for a while. Then I close it. That is, if I am STRONG. Other times, I don’t close it. I cannot close it….
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When Xmas food packaging info is wrong

Just because it’s a Covid Christmas we don’t want to be suckered by this calorie trick  Look out for this dodgy info on party food packaging  How to make festive eating a bit healthier Ho ho ho! Pandemic or not, Christmas is in full swing. OK, so we may not be allowed to see friends and loved ones indoors… And in some areas, we may not even be allowed to mix outside in the cold. But hell will surely freeze…
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How to avoid being left alone this Christmas

Why this is a good time to celebrate Don’t let these health warriors spoil your fun The natural way to save your teeth whatever you put them through To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is probably the most widely used understatement in the history of the planet. I totally understand the amount of worry, stress and concern that we all have about all sorts of aspects of our lives. But one thing none of us needs are…
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It’s enough to make your teeth itch!

Discover why this type of heavy metal is bad for your health The real truth about your dentist Hurrah! These fantastic teeth protecting sweets will so be back in stock Back in July I offered some tips on how you can look after your teeth – if you missed it read the newsletter here. Surprisingly over the next few days I heard from several readers who wanted to know more about the health impact of mercury amalgam fillings. Truly this…
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