Five superfoods of love revealed

  • Five superfoods that could spice up your love life
  • Discover what the Aztecs, Madame du Barry and Casanova have in common….
  • How this ‘chocolate’ fruit could stimulate your libido

The subject line of today’s letter reads a bit like one of those junk emails.

You know… the ones that say: ‘She’ll be Amazed at Your New Power’ and ‘Be Her Perfect Macho!’

But today I hope I can offer you some feasible natural ways to spice your love-life up a bit.

I’ve a natural British tendency to blush with embarrassment at the slightest whiff of raunchy subject matter. So this is not a topic I usually broach.

But there’s a massive industry offering troubled folk ‘GUARANTEED’ libido-boosters, aphrodisiacs and performance enhancers. Almost all of them are total nonsense.

Unfortunately, a lot of people throw good money away on these snake oil and fake potions.

Well, no more.

I’ve found some ways to help deal with any bedroom-based problems or worries. They’re natural, they’re tasty, and they don’t cost much.

They might work for you. They might not. But there’s no harm in trying these, as they have amazingly healthy side-effects and could transform your life in many other ways.

Try some of these superfoods of love to spice things up a bit…

Ginger to make your blood flow

The first bedroom food really is a spice. Egyptian traders originally brought ginger into Rome as an aphrodisiac.

As soon as you try it, you can see why the Egyptians believed this. When you eat fresh ginger root, it stimulates your body and gives you an immediate energy boost.

But it goes further than that…

Like the modern drug Viagra, ginger blocks an enzyme called phosphodiesterase. This can stimulate your blood flow and your circulation.

In layman’s terms, all the necessary blood will end up in all the right places.

Try slices of ginger steeped in a tea for ten minutes. Grate some onto a salad. Or chew on some fresh root.

What the Aztecs, Madame du Barry and Casanova have in common

The Aztecs were the first known people to link the cocoa bean to sexual performance. The emperor Montezuma ate copious amounts of cocoa before his romantic liaisons.

In 1624 a professor in Vienna tried to ban monks from drinking chocolate because it ‘inflamed the passions’. Madame du Barry, The mistress of Louise the XV believed this too. She gave her lovers chocolate to drink when they came into her room.

Apparently, she also sent her lovers ginger in the post. This woman was seriously keen.

Another ‘keen’ fellow was Casanova. He thought chocolate was even more stimulating than champagne and called it the ‘elixir of love’.

These days, chocolate is known to contain phenyl-ethylamine, a chemical that makes you feel good. However, I probably don’t need to tell you this. It’s a pretty well known phenomenon.

You may even be reading today’s letter thinking, ‘Why do I even need to know all this bedroom stuff? It’s CHOCOLATE I truly love!’

Makes sure you buy high quality dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa solids. Anything under 70% cocoa solids is still tasty, but should be considered more as confectionary than real chocolate.

Or if you’re not a fan, here’s something that’s sometimes called the ‘chocolate’ of fruits…

How this ‘chocolate’ fruit could stimulate your libido

Let’s go back to the Aztecs again. They loved to eat avocados.

They believed it made them more desirable.

Personally, I’m a little dubious about the avocado’s immediate effect on libido. Unless you’re simulated by the act of eating waxy green flesh.

However, one of the most potent aspects of this food is that it’s packed with nutrients. Especially vitamin E. Some believe this vitamin can help increase the intensity of arousal.

However, if they don’t do anything for you in that respect, avacodos are still a great food. In the old days the low fat brigade warned us off them. But now they are considered a super-food.

(Mind, isn’t ALL food super?)

While high in calories, the healthy monounsaturated fat in avocado makes you feel fuller quicker. So they’re a great snack to eat.

Avocado is also good source of potassium. This mineral helps regulate your blood pressure. This can also protect you against circulatory diseases like, heart disease or stroke.

Give your libido a lift with asparagus!

Asparagus is also rich in vitamin E. As with avocados, this is considered to be important for a healthy love life.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that asparagus are good for both female and male libido levels. But if you can’t be bothered with all that, it’s nice and healthy anyway.

Asparagus is good for easing the symptoms of illnesses like asthenia, anaemia, rheumatism and diabetes.

Make sure that you get the best of local asparagus when it is in season – late April to mid June.

The secret of saffron

Apparently, Cleopatra used saffron in her baths while Egyptian healers used saffron as herbal remedy. And we all know she was enthusiastic about the art of love.

Recent research suggests that saffron can affect the neurotransmitters in your brain’s pleasure centres.

Saffron has other benefits too. Its biggest fans say it can aid digestion, boost your appetite, ease menstrual pain, rheumatism, asthma, and chronic diarrhoea.

All that and it could do wonders for your love life too! This means it could make a healthy addition to your spice rack… no pun intended.

You can buy good quality saffron anywhere these days. Check out your supermarket, farmer’s market or online. It’s expensive but you only ever need to use a little in your cooking.

These are a few examples of the superfoods of love, keep reading the Good Life Letter for more information.