Health benefits of vinegar to surprise you…

The health benefits of vinegar – Why vinegar is not just for chips

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I have been collecting odd remedies for a few years now, and it’s no surprise that they often come to my aid.

One of my wife’s favourites came to my rescue last weekend.

A large fence had become covered in thick ivy – just about the only thing that has kept growing in the heat of the summer.

It became completely rampant, and I knew it had to go.

But, I also knew that it was acting as a bird hotel this year and that there was a robin, blackbird and woodpigeon nesting in amongst it.

So, I had to wait until their offspring had left their nests before tackling it.

Armed with saws and other pruning ironmongery I set to on Saturday morning.

It was a hot, dusty and sweaty chore.

The tally of scratches, cuts and puncture wounds mounted as I worked my way along the fence…

…then I came across an old nemesis…wasps!

They swarmed out of hole down by the roots of one of the triffids I was battling with.

Squealing I ran for the cover of the house, flailing arms and flapping clothing.

Not a pretty sight.

It’s time to act like a chip

Once safe I took stock of my poor body.

Three stings.. one on my lower leg, another on my stomach and the last on the side of my neck.

Boy they hurt.

Whimpering I sought salvation from Lara I wasn’t surprised that her first reaction was to laugh…

…if ever I hurt myself this is always her Pavlovian response.

Once she regained control she grabbed a bottle of malt vinegar.

Damping three pieces of muslin she slapped them onto the stings, and fixed them in place with tape.

Initially they made the stings much worse, sharpening the pain and making me howl..

“Now you know what a chip feels like!” Lara chortled.

But after the initial 30 seconds all pain ceased and my breathing and heart rate slowed.

A cup of tea completed my recovery and I gingerly surveyed the remains of the ivy.

My assailants had gone… or had returned to their burrow.

So, I have left the fallen branches and leaves where they lay and hoped that the storms and rain of the last few days will allow me to finish the job.

I know that vinegar is recommended for stings, after all I covered its use in my book – the Honey, Garlic & Vinegar Miracle.

But when panicked even I can forget the power of good vinegar.

So I thought it time to share another example with you…

Another fabulous story about the health benefits of vinegar

About this time last year I introduced you to another vinegar based remedy.

This time one that came from the East, and I am not talking about Suffolk – No these are based on ancient remedies from Japan and China.

These were the rather surprising bamboo vinegar foot patches… but there was more in them than just bamboo vinegar.

Wood Vinegar Extract: From native Ubame Oak trees in Japan. Traditional uses are for ridding the body of toxins and promote healthy digestion.

Bamboo Vinegar Extract: This is a liquid that forms during the process of producing bamboo charcoal. It is believed to have many health benefits, such as being able to eliminate foot odour, soften the skin, relieve itching and insect bites and improve blood & lymph circulation.

Chitin/Chitosan: Chitin is the second most common plant polymer behind cellulose and is easily extracted from fungi. It has been used over many centuries to help heal wounds and prevent infection.

Tourmaline: a gemstone that carries a low level electrical charge which can help key body functions.

Now, this is certainly not your usual natural health remedy – and I’ll admit that I was a bit sceptical about it until I read the absolutely genuine responses sent in by users.

Here are what a few of them had to say:

“I’ve lost weight, have more energy, no joint pain and sleep better.”  Debbie

“I was sceptical about this and tried to search out some scientific details and read this might be a placebo and no real research has been done. However I ordered and tried and I have to state this worked for me!” Maureen

“I tried this last night for the very first time and for the first time in years I slept for 12 hours without waking up at all.” Nathan

“The tension and discomfort in my feet reduced to almost nothing after one use. I slept really well the night I used theses patches.” Lavina

Certainly, it’s worth trying these out if you have issues with low energy, poor sleep, headaches and general aches and pains.

You can read more about it here: Natural Detox Foot Patches

Since I introduced you to these modern incarnations of a more ancient remedy they have proven to be a very popular product amongst you, the Good Life Letter readers.

Never forget the health benefits of vinegar.

So, if you haven’t tried anything new and different for a while why not give them a go.