Stress & Sleep

Tips for better sleep

Better Sleep: Less Stress

Discover these five top tips for a good sleep The technology debacle that ruins sleep The surprising salad ingredient that can help you relax at night The chaps at the office have been through a move… This created havoc with telephone and internet services. Despite careful planning we suffered from nearly a week without telephone lines and patchy internet. It just proves that I am right to treat anything technological with healthy suspicion, and worry whenever I hear a service…
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Avoiding Alzheimer’s: How to prevent cognitive decline

Avoiding Cognitive Decline through Sleep

Revealed, the sleep ‘sweet spot’– could this help you avoid cognitive decline?  How to ‘pressure wash’ the toxins from your brain  How to lower your cold & flu risk by having a kids’ bedtime routine I know that foxes need to make babies. It’s not like they can choose a career instead, or go travelling the world, free of commitments. But do they have to make such a racket? Last night I thought someone was being murdered in the garden….
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SAD November can ruin your health

Why this SAD month leaves me a quaking mess! The seasonal issue that affects half a million people in the UK How to lighten your mood this winter – click here for more details Dear <NAME> I swear this time of year is going to kill me one day. You know how during fireworks season, dogs get agitated and start leaping about when the explosions begin? That’s what I’m like, bizarrely the dog doesn’t even wake up! Sudden loud cracks…
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Amazing new drug released, this will blow your mind

The free treatment that makes you live longer This might surprise you about caffeine Which of these four chronotypes are you? Take this quick quiz and it might change your life! This will blow your mind… Because I’m about to show you an amazing natural health treatment that helps you live longer. It improves your memory, makes you feel happier, keeps you slim and reduces your craving for food. Not only that, it protects you from colds, flu, cancer and…
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Formula for the Good Life revealed

How this philosopher discovered the Good Life  This 300-year-old secret of happiness will help you avoid post-COVID burn-out  Why you need to indulge in these four activities every day In 1726 a young man named David Hume embarked on a mission. He was going to teach himself law. For hours and hours every day, he pored through books, memorised texts and pushed himself to learn as much as he could. But within a few years he was sick of it….
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This is the end to sleepless nights due to twitching legs

Restless Leg Syndrome defined – find out what the research says Try these home tips to make nights more relaxing This is the best way to stop night time agony – Magnesium Lotion A few weeks ago I received an email from a reader asking about Restless Leg Syndrome. This is a topic I have covered before but it does seem to be an increasingly common problem for many people. So, I decided to look at it again and update…
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