Stress & Sleep

How to avoid this heart risk for the next month

Could a yellow family really teach us a health lesson? D’oh! Discover why fear and worry have to be avoided Why being more Zen will get you through Watching the Simpsons feels a lot like staring into a mirror a watching my own family from time to time. Of course there are one or two differences… The Collins folk aren’t yellow. I don’t work in a Nuclear Plant, and I take my health a tad more seriously than Homer. For…
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Why you might need a nature pill

Don’t despair at the news, try this instead  A new pill that’s proven to reduce stress and will cost you nothing  Plus – I share your great tips on swallowing massive capsules and pills! As I scanned for health stories this week, I grew despairing at the news. Perils of the job! I have to get stuck into the media to keep abreast of things for this newsletter, whether I feel like it or not. However, it wasn’t the health…
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Revealed: 3 types of stress that do you good

Why this acclaimed Harvard professor believes you could live to 200 and still feel great in your old age Revealed: 3 forms of ‘good stress’ that increase your lifespan Proof that you can turn back the clock I’ve written a lot about ‘turning back the clock’ in these letters. Whether it’s improving your eyesight, increasing mobility, or feeling mentally sharper… There are lots of natural remedies, supplements and therapies that can help. But lots of people assume that ‘turning back…
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Why the best medicine costs you nothing

How to keep laughing for better health Proof that laughter is one of the best natural medicines  The stress-relief and immunity booster that costs you nothing (but can be tricky to find these days)  It can even relieve your pain I’ve always disliked it when people say, “Cheer up!”. It’s as if they think that simply by commanding me to be happy, my entire mood will change instantly, like flicking a switch. Far better would be to cheer me up…
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Lockdown insomnia – a problem few saw coming!

Insomnia Cure

Have you had this problem too? Ugh, yet another horrid lockdown side effect  Do you get this insomnia problem too?  Two nutritional tips for relaxing your body so that you sleep more deeply every night I woke up and looked at my bedside clock. It was 4.30am. “Ah,” I thought, “plenty of time to get some more sleep before the dog wakes us all up for his breakfast.” I was absolutely exhausted because I’d been working all the previous day…
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More about the moon and how it affects your mood and health

Is the moon a health issue? Readers have their say Is the moon a natural health issue? Readers have their verdict – some great feedback here! A weird link between our only satellite and your intestinal worms (this is a bit “eeaaugh”!) Evidence that the moon makes us more violent – I reveal a fascinating study by the UK police The other week I wrote to you about the moon… I explained that many people believe its different phases affect…
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