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Piriton Shortage: Natural Hay Fever Remedies

Piriton Shortage_Natural Alternatives

Oh, woe is me! Simple, natural ways to beat the curse of hay fever this spring How to ease allergy symptoms with your thumb I woke to hear that there is a Piriton shortage and also other allergy remedies in short supply too. So I thought I would do my bit to help the struggling pharmacies. You see, I love sunny Spring mornings, yomping across the fields with the dog in the early morning air. Hearing the bird song from…
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Vitamin D: The ‘pointless’ vitamin that cured joint pain

Vitamin D Stops Joint Pain

British vitamin D backlash in the Daily Mail kicks back against ‘pointless’ supplements “I have not had a cold in three years” says one reader Why the health media is on a merry-go-round At the beginning of the month, I wrote to you about a new vitamin D controversy. Having been strongly vocal in his support of supplementation, Professor Tim Spector appeared in the Daily Mail, denouncing it as ‘pointless’. As I said in my newsletter at the time, there…
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Herbal medicine: The plants that are drugs

herbal medicine: herbs as drugs

The surprise cause of many hospital admissions  Why natural remedies & medicines are closer than we think  These plants can outperform drugs I hate it when this happens… You’re talking to someone about nutrition and natural remedies… And they suddenly blurt out… “YOU are the reason that so many people die from serious disease.” Yikes! I realise their response might sound odd, but here’s their rationale… They think that because I support the promotion of diet, exercise, nutrition and complementary…
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Healthy water consumption: What do we need?

8 glasses a day

Are we in danger of becoming waterlogged What is healthy water consumption? Who benefits from our devotion to bottled water A doctor has spoken – find out what she said Having been lashed by several more gallons of rain this week whilst out with the dog, I must admit that I know what it is like to feel drenched. But today’s letter isn’t about the foul weather… it is about a modern fascination with drinking water, and trying to work…
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No dentist appointments: Shocking news revealed

Dr Heffs Mints

Discover the real impact that COVID has had on our teeth Why children are being failed by the NHS New stock… small mistake – Dr Heff’s Mints Been to the dentist lately? I ask because some of the latest statistics released by the British Dental Association show that only a third of us have been to the dentist in the last two years. Of course, trying to see a dentist is a major issue if you do want to see…
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Natural Remedies & Supplements – Our Mission

natural pain relief

Discover the healing power of Mother Nature Welcome to the home of the best natural remedies Gentle, effective and safe natural home remedies for common health problems   Way before the advent of modern science natural cures for common illnesses involved herbs, spices and ancient know how. If you are seeking natural remedies and supplements for a range of health conditions then you have come to the right place – the Good Life Letter shop. Modern medicine has given us…
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