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An ear problem you might not have detected

Why I think my earwax is alive  Revealed, a surprising link between hearing and cognitive decline  Foods that improve your hearing I think my earwax is alive! And it is very upset. My wife doesn’t agree with me on this but hear me out. It was only a few weeks ago I wrote to you about the problems with using cotton buds to remove excessive earwax… Within days I started to get really itchy ears myself. I was desperate to…
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How the moon affects your health

Nonsense or truth? What do you think? Feeling uneasy? Here’s a weird reason why  Can the moon really be used as a tool for living a better life  No offence, but here’s why we’re all lunatics Did you see the moon last night? It was what is known as a ‘waning last quarter’ moon. This usually appears a week after a full moon. According to ‘moon mentor’ Kirsty Gallagher, author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon…
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Why the mainstream media have missed a trick here

This guy’s corona plan really flopped  But why didn’t the Metro point out the really stupid thing about this story?  Another example of mainstream media making things worse Life is moving a lot slower than usual… Back in mid-March I wrote about panic-buying hand sanitiser. Seems like an AGE ago now… like a bygone era before the lockdown happened… when you could have a pint or coffee with a friend and just “nip to the shops” to get things you…
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I wouldn’t normally recommend this with such urgency

Why is vitamin D critical for health

I wouldn’t normally recommend this with such urgency  This new and improved bioavailable form of vitamin D could be the best frontline defence for your mind and body during these tough times  A simple way to improve your immune system: find out more here Spring is here. That means more light during the day and potentially more sunshine on our skin. So I would not normally recommend this natural health measure with such urgency… But these are not normal times….
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Why low fat diets are bad for immunity

Do this one weird trick to ANY mushroom to make it far healthier  A surprising fact about vitamin D in April  Why low-fat diets are bad for immunity Got any mushrooms in the house? Top tip for you…. Put them on a plate on an open window ledge. Seems weird, I know. There’s a faint possibility a pigeon or seagull might nick one. But that one odd trick will supercharge the vitamin D content of those mushrooms, so that when…
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Moments like these could be so important

health benefits of wild garlic

Why precious moments like these are so important for your wellbeing The benefits of being slow This wild, free food can lower your blood pressure, relieve kidney problems and improve your digestion The weather was lovely on Sunday. I decided to take my daily coronavirus constitutional… Formerly known as “walking the dog”. Off I went into the countryside near our home where I was captivated by a familiar scent. Wild garlic! Loads of the stuff! There was a massive patch…
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