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Why these Martian rocks in the toilet bowl should be avoided

Could Martian nanobacteria cause kidney stones

What has changed in the last forty years in your life? Are you the victim of nanobacteria? Natural protection against kidney stones I received one of those humorous round robin emails the other day. They’re usually an instant victim of my DELETE button, but I quite liked this one’s description of the difference between 1970 and now: 1970: Long hair 2020: Longing for hair 1970: Going to a new, hip joint 2020: Receiving a new hip joint 1970: Rolling Stones…
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Find out about the parasite we all need

mitochondria and energy

Don’t let your health end up in a bucket Why you should demand answers from your GP 5 ways to increase your energy levels As a kid I used to love comics, the Beano, Dandy and Beezer were required reading in my early years – and I have to admit well beyond! I even think the Numbskulls in The Beezer may have sparked my interest in health matters. These were a bunch of little men who lived inside the head…
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The natural way to prevent conjunctivitis

How to keep a healthy eye

Find out how your poor author is in trouble again! The most popular ways of treating this eye infection naturally The return of a favourite remedy… For some reason, Lara’s taken a keen interest in The Good Life Letter recently. She stands behind my shoulder, humming… occasionally tutting… and pointing out spelling or grammatical mistakes. It’s quite annoying. (But some of you might say that a few slip ups in recent letters have meant she hasn’t been doing her job…
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Why the BBC might be wrong about this

CBD oil is not hemp oil

This latest fight between the BBC and CBD companies is the same old story Why Dr Javid Abdelmneim is kind of right about some operators on the market But why the BBC might ALSO be wrong It’s all kicking off in cannabis oil world! On the one side… CBD oil companies. On the other…. the BBC. BBC vs CBD I was going to say it’s the ‘Battle of the Acronyms’! But… I know that my intelligent, eagle-eyed readers would immediately…
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The secret life of fat

Dieting difficulties

Is everything we know about weight loss WRONG? What happens when you threaten your body fat… Hidden factors that might ruin your diet This is a boom time of year for the diet industry. Loads of people are trying to lose body fat. That’s all well and good – in theory. And what most of us believe is that by simply lowering the amount of food we put in our body, we will lose weight. But what if the following…
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When diagnoses go bad, a shocking true story

Reflux or heart attack

This is really scary stuff – and it happens way too often When a diagnosis for acid reflux turns out to be something much, much worse Is it a heart attack or heartburn? How to find out… I got an email from a reader this week that I just had to pass on. Because it’s important. And as my reader says, it just might help someone. Ok, so here’s what happened… How a bad case of heartburn turned out to…
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