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Is decaf coffee healthy? The facts.

Is decaf coffee healthy

The health story that won’t go away Would you watch this programme on TV? The debate about coffee continues… …here’s the latest take on the news. I’ve had an idea for a trashy cable television programme… It’s called, ‘When health foods go BAD.’ It could be presented by one of those disgraced ex-children’s TV presenters who get caught taking drugs. Each week they’d show dramatic clips of people being ill from food the government and advertisers claimed was good for…
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Home exercise: Lower blood pressure by going downstairs

Easy home exercise

Why it’s healthier to walk down the stairs than to walk up A wonderfully lazy way to improve your bone strength, blood pressure and blood sugar levels Good news! The easy and slow bits of a home exercise can be better for you As she got older my mum used to grumble about walking down the stairs. And going down hills, too, for that matter. “It’s not the up I mind so much,” she grimaced, “it’s the going down that…
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Natural Anxiety Remedy: Ease the stress with a chestnut

natural anti-depressant

A Collins’ family secret finally revealed The vitamin that is no more… …and how an iceberg lettuce can ease daily stress If you saw me today, you’d be pretty shocked… My hair’s sticking out at strange angles… there are bags under my eyes… my shirt is covered in sweat…and bits of furniture are lying all over the place. Yes, a hurricane struck the Collins household last night and it was tough going for all of us. Its name was ‘Ruth’,…
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Eczema Treatment: Why this is better than E45

better than E45

Why readers love this skin care alternative We think this is better than E45 – find out more here Ideal for dry itchy skin, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis and sunburn I love seeing positive reviews of our products. The team and I work so hard to seek them out, test them and try them, it’s good to see them deliver results. For instance, here’s a great comment that was posted on the shop just a few weeks ago: “Have found DermaBalm…
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Faster walking can turn the clock back 16 years

Fast walking turns back time

The surprising thing that makes you 16 years younger  How this type of walking slows the ageing process  Overweight people can actually be healthier than those with good BMIs because of this I’ve got a habit of walking too quickly. Ever since I was young, I’ve moved at speed, as if my pants were on fire. “Slow down, Ray!” my friends would moan when we were on a night out in our early 20s. It didn’t help that I was…
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Horseshoe Crabs: The blue blood life saver

Horseshoe Crabs: How are medicines proven safe

Is this Britain’s strangest museum? The health benefits of crabs (no, not that kind) Crab alternatives for vegetarians Lara and I paid a visit to Margate last weekend. Some friends live there and we fancied a bit of old-fashioned seaside fun. There was so much to see and do. The town has a theme park (‘Dreamland’), with the oldest rollercoaster in the UK. It’s also famous for The Shell Grotto, a series of subterranean chambers lined with mosaics made up…
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