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Cholesterol Con: Don’t eat cake

Cholesterol con_office cake is safe

Could that fruit sponge be a silent assassin? Time to apportion blame where it belongs How to fight back, simple changes that will make a difference The Times have cracked the country’s health and financial problems in two headlines… On the 17th January we were warned – ‘Rising levels of ill health costing the economy £150bn a year.’ Then the following day I read – ‘Don’t let them eat cake: Sweet treats in the office are like passive smoking, says…
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Naturally Lower Cholesterol

how to naturally lower cholesterol

It’s enough to make blood boil… Find out why I am proud to be a part of an ‘internet cult’ Now this is good news Regular readers will know that I have a few pet peeves about modern healthcare. The ignorance of the dangers of high sugar diets… …the lack of joined up thinking in healthcare… …the paucity of intellectual vigour in the media… …and the daddy of them all… …the demonisation of cholesterol as the chief cause of cardiovascular…
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How to live longer by planning to do less

live longer the easy way

The big mistake I make with my own health (and how to rectify it) Why these Greek islanders live for much longer than others around the world ….and how to copy their secrets! I made a weird New Year’s Resolution. You might like it. It’s to “do less”. That’s it! That’s all it is… I have decided to make sure that I make time and space for myself to be lazy and properly relax. I know that might sound odd….
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Cold Therapy – Is it for you?

Cold Therapy: Is it for you?

The benefits of being extremely cold How to improve your circulation, reduce swelling, activate your nervous system and boost your immunity The dangers of trying this trendy therapy On New Year’s Day I got a Whatsapp message from an old university friend. “Off for a swim,” he wrote. “In the reservoir.” Now, Jim used to be a bit of a party animal. Right up until a few years ago, he was overweight and could knock back an astonishing amount of…
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Hangover remedy: How to reduce the misery

Hangover remedy or natural cures

If you’re planning on drinking alcohol tomorrow night, read this How to reduce the misery of a hangover Three non alcoholic cocktails that also have health benefits So, here’s a hangover remedy or two… But, before I get complaints… This is NOT me advocating for alcohol abuse on New Year’s Eve. But I know that many readers will enjoy one too many drinks tomorrow night – and so I hope these tips help mitigate against the worst hangover. And for…
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The link between finances and your health

Financial Health Impact

How a cold snap can be a public health crisis How to stay warm without cranking up the thermostat The financial risks of chronic health problems Crikey it’s been cold. We spent all autumn trying to avoid putting the heating on. And it was easy… Because September, October and November were extremely warm. The highest daily temperatures were 2.5C above the average between 1990 and 2020. So this sudden flip into equally extreme cold has come as quite a shock….
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