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How this very special razor will help everyone

Healthy bones naturally

You are never too old to learn from a puppy Find out how to keep your bones healthy These are the simple ways to increase calcium levels You join me today as an old dog has learnt a new trick. None of us are too old to be shown the error of our ways, or in this case how I could have handled things better. The story begins with BT… “Good morning, can you tell me why my internet has…
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Why your kids could be in danger every time they answer the phone

mobile phone safety

Why is technology always fighting against us? Discover how safe a mobile phone can be Some simple advice for young mobile phone users Last week I mentioned the fact that losing a mobile phone wasn’t a sign of dementia, and this prompted a few of you to ask how safe these devices were. Well here is what I found out. Before I get started though, I have to make one thing clear… What I’m about to tell you has NOTHING…
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Why so many people are wrong about cholesterol

Healthy hearts need cholesterol

Good vs Bad? Why the cholesterol cliché isn’t quite true Unfairly maligned, the truth about this so-called killer The real reason your cholesterol is high I’m in the doghouse. The other day, I forgot to put out the recycling for the bin collectors. We keep the recycling in the garage to stop it being blown away in the winds or being searched through by desperate foxes. Now, me forgetting to take out the bins is hardly a big drama. But…
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Bad news and good news for women

Getting older is OK

FaceApp Horror! I cannot un-see the image of my 70 year old son The horrible new statistic about face ageing (about half of my readers are going to hate this research) How to help slow the visible ageing process That was a seriously weird experience. Last week I saw a photo of my 21 year old son – as an OLD MAN. Yep, it was quite a shock. It all happened because my middle child had downloaded that trendy FaceApp…
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Are you straining to read this?

computers and eyesight damage

Discover how a modern boon might be bad for you The weird world of the internet… What you should eat to keep your eyes healthy You and I share something in common. And it’s not just our devilishly good looks. Right now, we’re both staring at a flickering computer screen. If you’re like me, you do this every single day, sometimes for hours at a time .. . looking at websites . . . reading emails . . . writing…
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Are health checks good for you? Simple ways to better health

Are health checks good for you

Why expensive health checkups could be dangerous Is this cholesterol test for health… or something more sinister? If you’re over 40 and male, read this right now… There are loads of things I don’t like about getting older… For instance, last month I went out for a night with Lara. In our younger days we would have taped the kids to the bed (all right, we would have got a babysitter!), but now the first sign of age was we…
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