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Welcome to 2020…the year to really go for it!

New Year 2020

This year will be different, or maybe not! Ray’s delight at an unexpected announcement How can four simple daily changes improve your life?  May I wish you the very best for the New Year, and welcome you to 2020. As I get older the brash party time of New Years Eve looses its draw for me, and I would sooner have the family around me for a good home cooked meal and an early night. However, the prospect of a…
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Don’t exercise it will make your teeth drop out!

Can exercise damage teeth

Reasons to be a happy slacker, rather than a gummy gym bunny Even major athletes are at risk of terrible damage from exercise The secret to safe exercise – revealed Stop exercising – you could be doing more harm than good! We are used to being told that too much alcohol, too much sugar or too much red meat is bad for us… …but what about too much exercise? There aren’t many gym goers who are aware of the health…
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I have to admit, she looked pale…

Why vitamin D is key

Not feeling quite yourself? It could be this hidden problem… Why your bones are under threat this winter One in five people who read this have a deficiency in this crucial nutrient I have to admit, she looked pale… We were visited recently by one of Lara’s friends. She complained that for a while now she’d been feeling what she described as ‘flat’, mentally speaking. Not totally depressed… not upset at the state of the world… just not quite herself……
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I have a weird confession

How to improve your Microbiome naturally

Why antibiotics make the flu season worse  Could the answer to the coming global health crisis be up your nose?  An easy way to improve the health of your gut I’m not a ghoul or anything… Promise! But I have to confess that I have been tracking this year’s flu statistics (I know, I know, my wife thinks I’m like a weird train-spotter). The reason is, I wrote to you in the summer about some worrying outbreaks of flu in…
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How to improve your eyesight with jam

Bilberries can improve eyesight

How breakfast jam was used to scare the enemy The amazing health benefits of bilberries Find out how this fermented remedy can cure your horse! My Dad likes to tell an unusual story about my grandma’s visit to a department store in the ’80s… While on the escalator between floors, she was startled by the sight of a woman descending on an opposite escalator. She waved at the woman, and the woman waved back. ‘Ooooh,’ she said, ‘I think I…
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Are we living through the Rime of the Ancient Mariner?

How much water do we need to be healthy?

The truth is out at last, make sure you listen Discover the body’s secret mechanism for keeping you alive Find out why this ‘absolute health rule’ is not what it is cracked up to be Despite the assertion of my dear wife that I spent my days in English Literature lessons merely reading Just William, I did do proper English as well. For instance I vividly recall a line from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge…
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