Well, this isn’t surprising

I often rail about the unnecessary prescriptions GPs give out.

Drugs with side effects are dished out to masses of patients, when a lot of these people could have found other more natural preventatives and remedies.

And I’ve long promoted the idea that by making some lifestyle changes, especially dietary ones, we can reduce or avoid a lot of serious health problems.

So I was not at all surprised by the results of an ‘innovative’ pilot scheme in Tower Hamlets and Lambeth.

The Alexandra Rose Charity had been running a scheme in which NHS patients with long-term illnesses are given an £8 voucher every week to buy fruit and vegetables.

Basically, it’s a fruit and veg prescription!

In the first eight months of this scheme, nine in ten participants experienced significant improvements in their health, including weight loss, better blood glucose levels, higher energy levels, and improved digestion.

A survey reported that ten participants with hypertension saw improved blood pressure levels. There was also a 40% reduction in GP visits among those participants who normally use healthcare services regularly.

Well, all I can say is, “Surprise, surprise”.

This is precisely what I’ve been saying for years – and I’m sure you have been telling your friends and family the same thing.

If the nation simply ditched the processed foods and ate more fruit and veg, we would massively slash the costs of healthcare and reduce the pressure on the NHS.

We would reduce so much suffering across the nation…

And stop putting so much money and faith into big pharma.

It’s no wonder that the Alexandra Rose charity is now calling for a national rollout of this scheme!

Will it happen?

Well, I don’t know – but in the meantime, we can ALL do this one simple thing to make a massive difference in our physical and mental wellbeing.