Food Truths

Healthy water consumption: What do we need?

8 glasses a day

Are we in danger of becoming waterlogged What is healthy water consumption? Who benefits from our devotion to bottled water A doctor has spoken – find out what she said Having been lashed by several more gallons of rain this week whilst out with the dog, I must admit that I know what it is like to feel drenched. But today’s letter isn’t about the foul weather… it is about a modern fascination with drinking water, and trying to work…
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Diabetes Type 2: Genetic reasons for lowered risk

diabetes type 2 and genetics

Diabetes Type 2: The 3% who lose fat eating sugar Revealed, the country where sugar aids weight loss, lowers cholesterol and reduces appetite! How your genes control what happens to sugar If you are worried about inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s, as well as ulcerative colitis, read on Imagine that sugar was good for you. I’m not talking about the ‘good’ natural sugars in whole fruit and veg either. I mean being able to eat Haagen Dazs and cakes and…
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Six Grapefruit benefits…but could they do you harm too?

grapefruit and statins

The fat burning fruit that we should all enjoy, but… …this common medication stops you from having it Why I’m not sure that the doctors have this right Eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables every day is a nice, simple way to get us to be healthy and avoid becoming a burden to the NHS. No argument from me on that one. As long as what you eat is as fresh and seasonal as it could be then it…
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Why Fat Shaming lets food companies off the hook

Fat Shaming: Natural weight loss

The truth about fat shaming Why the food industry wants us to feel that it’s all our fault Shocking new statistics revealed I’m no fan of ‘fat shaming’. As a bloke who has, in the past, been big… Then less big… Then bigger… Then less big again… I’m not going to cast aspersions on the way people look or how heavy they are. After all, it is possible to be rake thin and very unhealthy. There are some who might…
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Prostate Cancer: How your greenhouse can help

Cancer fighting foods

Why this tradition needs to be supported How March is the month for men Discover three greenhouse plants that everyone needs Todays letter concerns prostate cancer, but first I need to ask you a question… Did you have your pancakes yesterday? It is one of my favourite traditions, and one that I always celebrate. Plainly dressed with honey and lemon, I can easily scoff my way through my share. And anybody else’s too! But it is not all good news,…
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Healthier food: 12 Ways to Make Your Vegetables More Nutritious

boost food nutrients

How to Make Lettuce more Healthy 12 Ways to Boost the Nutritional Power of Everyday Vegetables  Why tinned tomatoes and tinned beans are better for you It is time to rethink our approach to healthier food. Last week I wrote to you about the decline in the nutritional value of fruit and veg. And no, not because of modern farming methods. But because of farming in general. Since the Neolithic age we have selected, bred and modified wild food into…
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