Food Truths

How to avoid being left alone this Christmas

Why this is a good time to celebrate Don’t let these health warriors spoil your fun The natural way to save your teeth whatever you put them through To say that 2020 has been a challenging year is probably the most widely used understatement in the history of the planet. I totally understand the amount of worry, stress and concern that we all have about all sorts of aspects of our lives. But one thing none of us needs are…
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The future of nutrition might shock people

You might find this nutritional tip disgusting  This type of insect has more protein, iron and vitamins than beef  Could insects become our allies in our fight to feed a growing population without destroying the environment? Hi Mexico, 1995. The big yellow bus ground to a halt in the city of Oaxaca. (Pronounced “Wah-hacka!”) Off the bus stepped one Ray Collins and his wife Lara. As this was a long time ago, I had significantly more hair. Although, I was…
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How a lack of beach time could cause this long term problem

Discover why a beach holiday should make you think of health  Remember Pi in maths… well here’s Si and it’s much more interesting  You really need to read this – it’s for your own good I’m not alone in this, and I am certainly not looking for sympathy. Missing out on my annual trip to Portugal has deprived me of a proper health boost. I really missed not having the time in the sun, eating fish straight from the sea…
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How to feel fuller without eating more

Slimming without dieting

Introducing the ‘natural skinny jab’ – that doesn’t involve a jab at all!  How to feel fuller without eating more – it’s the ‘no diet diet’ you’ve been waiting for  Secrets of the world’s super-agers Last Friday I wrote about the Skinny Jab. It an injection that makes you feel fuller, more of the time, so that you eat less. A terrible thing, in my opinion. You won’t be surprised to hear that, of course! And I know from the…
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Can you really inject yourself thinner?

The problem with this worrying new ‘Skinny Jab’ fad Can you really inject yourself thinner? And if so, SHOULD you? The boring but effective truth about weight loss Well, this is depressing. I don’t know if you’ve watched The Only Way Is Essex (I haven’t) or recognise one of its stars, Gemma Collins, who has appeared on numerous reality shows. She’s one of the new breed of reality stars who don’t seem to do much in the way of anything…
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Are bananas really dangerous sugar sticks?

Why this GP believes that bananas are unhealthy ‘sugar sticks’  But are you really risking your health with this fruit, especially if you eat them for breakfast?  How to protect against hardening of the arteries Ever had a banana for breakfast? Or as a mid-morning snack? Well, this might be a problem according to some experts, who believe you should NEVER have a banana for breakfast. They are, according to one GP, nothing more than giant sugar sticks. You see,…
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