Food Truths

The surprising reason why diabetics should eat cold potatoes

Could a plate of cold boiled potatoes be a revolution in dieting? And what about green bananas? Well, there are some nutritional scientists who think that this type of food is nature’s answer to the problems of obesity, diabetes and gut health. The concept is based around something called ‘resistant starch’. In short, resistant starch is that which passes through the stomach and small intestine and remains undigested. Normally starch in foods like pasta, potatoes and white bread gets turned…
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When salad becomes dangerous

boost food nutrients

BIG question for you. Are cucumbers a fruit or a vegetable? Most people say ‘vegetable’ but in fact they are botanically classified as a fruit. Either way, most people would consider them harmless. An essential addition to a salad! That is, until there is an E. Coli outbreak – which is when they can sometimes become public enemy number one! For instance, an E. Coli O157 outbreak in the UK in 2021 was linked to a food product containing imported…
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Why my grandparents ate buckets of sugar and stayed thin

grapefruit and statins

I’ve been trying to lay off the puddings a bit in January. But I made the mistake of watching some old cookery shows on cable TV the other day. My sweet tooth was buzzing as I watched Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall perform his culinary art with homemade marshmallows. Often the man from River Cottage employs fruit, berries and unlikely bits of pig to conjure up the perfect and healthy dessert. This time he used beetroot juice to make the marshmallow pink…… genius….
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How to combat acid reflux

How to wage war on acid reflux – my dietary tips revealed

A friend of mine works in a local A&E hospital as a nurse. He told me a little while back that they were seeing a huge increase in stomach problems. His surgeon believed it might be down to a combination of poor diet and stressful lives. (Well, I never!) I’ve certainly seen studies that link the rise in incidence of acid reflux (indigestion, heartburn and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease) down to diet and stress. Conventional medication for these reflux problems usually…
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This ancient hot chocolate blew my mind

health benefits of chocolate

An old friend of mine recently went travelling in Guatemala. He’s really into new age stuff like gong baths, yogic breathing and meditation. We were at university together but to look at us now, we’re like chalk and cheese. He still has long hair and dresses like a beatnik. While I have almost no hair and dress in middle-aged man clothes. Anyway, he was passing through our neck of the woods, so he and his girlfriend dropped by to spend…
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Ultra Processed Food

Is the food industry making us sick

What I’m about to share is fascinating and horrifying at the same time…  It comes from a Good Life Letter reader, who read one of my emails about Ultra Processed Food (handily abbreviated to ‘UPF’).  They sent me a link to a fascinating article by food writer Chris Van Tulleken, in which he gave up all UPFs for a month and diarised what happened.  Now, if you missed my recent letters on this subject, the gist of the matter is…
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