Food Truths

A lifesaver if you have this food problem

Crisps are not a healthy food

How this diet turned a teenager blind My take on this shocking diet story – why weight isn’t the biggest worry people should have If you have problems with getting a wide range of foods into your diet, then here’s something to help I remember when my daughter was about ten, she had a friend who would occasionally come to our house to play. This girl was polite and well brought up. Her family seemed well-adjusted and happy. But what…
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Why you should eat in threes

Easy Weight Loss

Why you shouldn’t trust an easy answer when it comes to health…  But then again, this 3-3-3 formula for good heart health makes sense…  And it could help stabilise your blood sugar People love easy solutions. I understand that. After all, imagine a single pill that could solve all your pain problems… A push-button business idea that would end your money worries… A secret formula that will guarantee you stay slim for life… These sorts of promises are hard to…
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The autumnal trick to improve your heart

healthy heart in autumn

The clever trick you can do in September to fix your health Why the time to do this is now Here’s a way to get your heart in better shape Well, well, well… it’s September! Autumn is my favourite time of the year – mainly the bit from now until the clocks change on 27th October. I love the fresher bite of the air… the mulchy scents of the countryside… And the fact that you can go to shops, parks and…
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How an elephant can help your health

Ivory Tea

Bad news for tea drinkers, there’s a lot of this poison in your brew Revealed, the amazing health tea you’ve never heard about It has less contamination than any other tea – and packed with more antioxidants than Japanese Green Matcha: Click here to find out more If you’re a gardener, you’ll know this very well… It’s hard to keep pests off your beloved plants, herbs and veg. So pity the poor tea farmer. Because pests LOVE tea plantations. As…
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How to turn supermarket basics into superfood


Why you should always buy cheap orange juice Do this surprising thing to your pasta and see what happens The food that helps you live ten years longer A few weeks ago I gave the media a bit of a slap. Most of the newspapers were trumpeting this latest “vitamin supplements don’t work” story, without criticism or nuance. As I pointed out, the articles were very far from “proving” that all supplements were useless, and even admitted that large amounts…
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How salt could reverse these false symptoms of old age

Salt in diet

Why too LITTLE salt could be bad for you How sodium could rid you of the ‘symptoms of old age’ 3 tips on how to get enough salt I was cooking for some friends on Friday night. For my friends’ delight, I was rustling up monkfish with lemon mayonnaise. One of my favourite dishes. As I ground a shower of sea salt onto the fish, my friend John said in astonishment: ‘Whoa there! Easy on the salt. Are you trying…
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