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The truth about those BMI numbers

BMI lowering

A dispute after a rugby game? Surely not! Why these numbers don’t add up A simple way to measure yourself that really works It’s not been a great few weeks as a Welsh rugby fan. For those who haven’t been following the Six Nations tournament this year (2023) we have played two games and lost both. Although my hopes are high for this weekend when we meet England. As is my custom I usually take up a seat at my…
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Is the food industry making us sick?

Is the food industry making us sick

Sadly, I’m not invited to The Times’ party – was it something I said?  Finally the media is waking up to this truth about why the nation is becoming so ill  Why we’re not the desperate consumerists that we’re told we are Suddenly, the media has woken up. After years of staying schtum on the subject, The Times has launched an investigation into why we Britons are so desperately poorly and overweight. And – shock horror – they’re finally asking……
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Cholesterol Con: Don’t eat cake

Cholesterol con_office cake is safe

Could that fruit sponge be a silent assassin? Time to apportion blame where it belongs How to fight back, simple changes that will make a difference The Times have cracked the country’s health and financial problems in two headlines… On the 17th January we were warned – ‘Rising levels of ill health costing the economy £150bn a year.’ Then the following day I read – ‘Don’t let them eat cake: Sweet treats in the office are like passive smoking, says…
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Naturally Lower Cholesterol

how to naturally lower cholesterol

It’s enough to make blood boil… Find out why I am proud to be a part of an ‘internet cult’ Now this is good news Regular readers will know that I have a few pet peeves about modern healthcare. The ignorance of the dangers of high sugar diets… …the lack of joined up thinking in healthcare… …the paucity of intellectual vigour in the media… …and the daddy of them all… …the demonisation of cholesterol as the chief cause of cardiovascular…
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Bowel troubles? Here’s a way to ‘stay regular’

flaxseeds stop bowel troubles

A low-carb porridge breakfast idea that’s great for diabetics How these super-nutritious seeds could be the ideal vegan alternative to fish oils Bowel troubles? Here’s a way to ‘stay regular’ It’s been a weirdly warm autumn… Well, for most of us in the UK anyway. But now that it’s getting all wintry and December is fast approaching, I thought I’d give you an idea for a warming breakfast meal. The good thing about this one is… It has a LOT…
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What I think about a crazy weight loss fad

weight loss drug

My eyeball damage horror story This Guardian article was so annoying that I did myself a mischief What I think about this new weight loss fad (clue: not a lot) I regret to inform you that I have suffered eyeball damage. Sad, but true. It happened last week, on the 9th November, while I was reading an article in The Guardian online. The headline was this: ‘I miss eating: the truth behind the weight loss drug that makes food repulsive.’…
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