Allergies, Coughs & Colds

When your insides turn to bad avocado

The trouble with avocados – and why your cells have the same problem!  How vitamin C slows down ageing  Another way to boost your immune system this winter – by switching this appliance off at night! I love avocados. They’re not only delicious but full of nutrients, including vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, riboflavin, folate, niacin, potassium and magnesium. There are two very annoying things about them, though. Firstly, trying to get a properly ripe one is tricky. Often…
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Does your GP react like this to you?

Natural cold cures

Why you shouldn’t forget that the common cold is still out there Discover some powerful natural anti-virals Here’s a singers secret that can ease a sore throat I’ve had a few emails of late asking why GP’s don’t ever talk about natural remedies. Under the current restrictions imposed on medics due to the coronavirus, many people are struggling to get to see or even talk to their surgeries. When they do get through the impression is that they will be…
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How Big Pharma plan to profit from COVID-19

Pharmaceutical companies dream of huge profits from coronavirus Why you might have to pay through the nose for a covid cure  Why Big Pharma doesn’t care about you  Natural alternatives to common drugs The hunt is on for a coronavirus cure. A good and noble ambition you might imagine. After all, if we can find a successful treatment, everything can go back to normal. Or whatever counts as ‘normal’ these days. This is why we should pull together as a…
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When lockdown cleaning is unhealthy

The weirdest, most dangerous health advice ever?  An unexpected side effect of the pandemic – the hidden health danger of being indoors  Why a major cause of allergies is closer to home than you think I’ve witnessed a lot of international health news stories in my time. They can be surprising, strange, inspiring or shocking. But Donald Trump’s suggestion on the 24th of April that people might benefit from injecting detergent as a coronavirus cure wins the record for being…
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Sorry, but I need to use the c-word

Why I’ve been silent on coronavirus until now This media hype is so dangerous The best ways to protect your health right now I’ve held back on writing about this… For numerous reasons that I’ll explain in a moment. But today, I need to use the c-word. Yes, coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19. Every news bulletin and all the front pages are filled with worrying stories about the spread of this virus. There has been a lot of misinformation… A…
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Tempted to Spring Clean your home…. don’t believe the ads

Harmful air freshener

Take the headache out of cleaning product choice This tip will make your home smell like a bakery… mmmmm! How to get a naturally clean home with ease You’ve probably seen ads like these… A housewife sits in her house, looking depressed. There’s a wet dog in the kitchen and nasty cooking odours everywhere. Her home is so smelly that even the flowers on the window ledge have wilted. Then suddenly as if from nowhere a can of air freshener…
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