Allergies, Coughs & Colds

How Big Pharma plan to profit from COVID-19

Pharmaceutical companies dream of huge profits from coronavirus Why you might have to pay through the nose for a covid cure  Why Big Pharma doesn’t care about you  Natural alternatives to common drugs The hunt is on for a coronavirus cure. A good and noble ambition you might imagine. After all, if we can find a successful treatment, everything can go back to normal. Or whatever counts as ‘normal’ these days. This is why we should pull together as a…
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When lockdown cleaning is unhealthy

The weirdest, most dangerous health advice ever?  An unexpected side effect of the pandemic – the hidden health danger of being indoors  Why a major cause of allergies is closer to home than you think I’ve witnessed a lot of international health news stories in my time. They can be surprising, strange, inspiring or shocking. But Donald Trump’s suggestion on the 24th of April that people might benefit from injecting detergent as a coronavirus cure wins the record for being…
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Sorry, but I need to use the c-word

Why I’ve been silent on coronavirus until now This media hype is so dangerous The best ways to protect your health right now I’ve held back on writing about this… For numerous reasons that I’ll explain in a moment. But today, I need to use the c-word. Yes, coronavirus, otherwise known as Covid-19. Every news bulletin and all the front pages are filled with worrying stories about the spread of this virus. There has been a lot of misinformation… A…
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Tempted to Spring Clean your home…. don’t believe the ads

Harmful air freshener

Take the headache out of cleaning product choice This tip will make your home smell like a bakery… mmmmm! How to get a naturally clean home with ease You’ve probably seen ads like these… A housewife sits in her house, looking depressed. There’s a wet dog in the kitchen and nasty cooking odours everywhere. Her home is so smelly that even the flowers on the window ledge have wilted. Then suddenly as if from nowhere a can of air freshener…
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Is your house making you ill? Find out

allergies at home

A shocking fact about ‘toxic home syndrome’ Could this be a hidden reason for poor sleep, breathing problems, depression and pain? Seven plants that clean the air in your home  It’s cold and rainy. And the Christmas holidays are coming up. Which means that most of us will be spending a lot of time at home in December. But what if your home makes you ill? It’s something a lot of people don’t consider – yet it could be the…
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How to defend against flu the natural way

Natural flu remedy

Why this Australian problem could mean bad news for us in the UK  How to halve your chances of getting a respiratory infection this winter  Is your microbial community diverse enough? Hi NAME When you think of Australia, what springs to mind? You might think of tropical reefs… sand and surf…  rugged outback landscapes… weird and wonderful wildlife. But for many medical experts, it’s all about flu statistics. Not quite the clichéd idea of life ‘down under’ is it? However,…
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