Will you be one of the lucky nineteen people to benefit from this letter?

  • Am I alone in feeling like this right now?
  • If it’s natural it has to be good for you right… or maybe not!
  • This is how to share my special ‘bounce back’ brew… Limited offer.

I don’t know about you but a combination of dark wet days, lockdown anxiety and missing out on meeting my friends and family are having serious consequences on my energy levels.

On top of all of that I have got a bit of a cold, nothing major.

I know it’s a cold because I haven’t got any of the symptoms of the worse COVID virus, just a very runny nose, grotty cough and I feel really miserable…

…typical for me at this time of year, but somehow worse now.

For many years folk have told me that my winter colds are because I don’t have a high state of health.


I’m no goody-two-shoes.

Never have been.

In my time I’ve eaten bucket-loads of fast food… drank my considerable body weight in beer… and wasted money I didn’t have on expensive products I didn’t need.

Anything for an easy life.

But people change. And, boy, have I changed over recent years….

When I started a family, I quickly realised that the buck stops with us. Nobody’s going to take us by the hand and SHOW us how to live stress-free, healthier, longer, happier lives.

So I began looking into natural health remedies for myself. This was about 15 years ago. Quickly, I began to discover hundreds of little-known and forgotten natural remedies for common ailments.

But I also learned to listen to those who know much more than I do about the topic, and also to look out for those who are not always honest.

Let me give you a few examples…

Is herbal always best?

You’d never think there was a ‘dark side’ to natural health would you…?

I mean eating fresh, natural produce… or taking powerful, effective herbs hardly seems a world that’s plagued with shady businessmen willing to sell you anything as long as they make a profit.

In the world of manmade drugs, maybe.

But I just can’t envisage police swooping on a banana deal that went wrong.

Just recently though, a number of ‘offers’ have cropped up which made me realise that natural health is big business, and there are a number of unscrupulous people happy to take advantage of that…

Just because something brays about being 100% natural, organic, or ecofriendly, don’t think that that means the company behind the product are being on the level with you.

I talked about this a little over the past few weeks when I was saying how vitamin suppliers can make fantastic claims about their products when they are not what they seem.

When you see a ‘buy one get another for a penny’ offer you have to ask yourself what the quality of the product is.

There is nothing on the Good Life Shop that I could afford to do this with unless I wanted to lose a lot of money – that’s the price for supplying the very best whole food extracts.

Of course I also can’t buy in bulk either, so my suppliers tend to be the smaller artisans rather than big companies.

It was one of these specialists who came to my rescue this week, and she is certainly someone you can trust too.

Or at least a few of you will be able to.

My own special brew

As I explained earlier, I have been feeling a bit grotty.

Low energy, foul mood and no incentive to get out in the miserable weather.

I resorted to gallons of tea and coffee as a warming comfort, locked in my office with even the dog giving me a wide berth.

Exchanging emails with a medical herbalist friend about my misery she suddenly sent a message of hope.

“What you need is autumns natural pick me up.” She wrote, adding. “Elderflower and Peppermint will get you bouncing back to happiness!”

The concept of this caused Lara to mutter that it would take an awful lot of anything to resolve my issues…

…bless her!

But I asked my herbalist if I could buy a special health boost tea for me, however she explained that economies of scale meant she might as well blend a batch and send them over.

So she did. 20 packs of delicious and fragrant Elderflower & Peppermint Tonic Tea arrived.

I’ve bought one of them, but there are 19 left… just 19.

This tonic tea is a specially blended formulation which will warm and nurture you when you are feeling at your worst, and will even help boost your defences even if you aren’t feeling the symptoms at the time.

Containing the combined power of Elderflower and Peppermint, two of the most widely used and effective natural herbs means that you are tapping into centuries of traditional plant based healing knowledge.

If you want to join me by trying this tea click here.

I have been really enjoying this tea, and love the peppermint aroma.

Just having a steaming cup sitting on the desk as I write this I feel better, bathing me in the sweet smell of natural mint.

For an added boost I have also been pairing the tea with toast and honey – this is really the indulgent way to survive a lockdown cold.

Of course, the big question I am left with is how on earth I managed to get a cold when I have been locked in my house?

Lara hasn’t been out and about much either.

That only leaves the dog… have I discovered the super-spreader in this pandemic?

Now that I think about it the dog has been the only one to benefit from all of this.

Always someone at home to cuddle, treats offered regularly and lots of walks in the fresh air.

I think the dogs of this country are co-ordinating their efforts on keeping us around…

…Maybe I have spent too long in these four walls!

Time for another mug of the tonic tea I think… Why not join me?