Emu Oil: A game changer for skin and joint health

Aborigine Natural Remedy

Celebrity endorsement is rarely to be taken seriously, however… One for the men… especially those big tough rugby boys Skin healing, joint soothing and loved by stars around the world There are few things designed to make me less interested in something than the term ‘celebrity endorsed’. In most cases the famous name associated with a product is usually a soap actor or a member of a boy band… neither of which I consider very high up the food chain…
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Medical screening: The dangers of trying to be healthy

medical screening results

When trying to be healthy is unhealthy  The downside of medical screening  How to make your next fitness kick last A few years ago, I was called in for a general health medical screening. Like an MOT for the middle aged. The man in the room looked about 20 years old. He was quite tubby and wearing shorts. (I don’t know why that’s important, but for some reason I was taken aback by the shorts). We ran through a load…
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Diabetic Diet: Can you eat to beat diabetes?

Diabetic Diet Tips

The strange world where GP advice is better than medicines… …but they get into even more trouble for telling anyone about it! A simple way to actually enjoy lentils, celery and artichoke It’s a funny old world that would want to stop a health professional passing on best advice… …and an even crazier one that would threaten a doctor because they weren’t prescribing enough medicines… …but that is the sad reality I must offer you today. During a clear up…
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Tinnitus: The curse of Captain Kirk


Another celebrity gets the annoying buzz What you should never eat if you suffer this ear problem How to avoid splashing out money on expensive hearing aids Another celebrity came out earlier this year. As a tinnitus sufferer. This time it was 45-year-old sports presenter, Kirsty Gallacher. She told the Loose Women programme that she woke up one morning with what she thought was a cold, because her ears were blocked up. A week later, she got checked out by…
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Health benefits of dried fruit: Medicine for older bones

Natural osteoporosis remedies

I used to hate this wrinkly, evil fruit until it became my gut medicine  But this fruit is also a way to strengthen older bones  And could be a natural breakthrough for osteoporosis sufferers I have always been told that there are many health benefits of dried fruit… but until recently I have struggled with this concept. As I kid, I used to hate prunes. And that was before I even attempted to put one in my mouth. They looked…
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When FitBits are bad for you

Are you suffering from “the nocebo effect”? The hidden drawbacks from FitBits on your wrist When too much information is bad for you Last year, I was in a pub with one of my old friends. He runs his own successful business and has a LOT of money – enough for a BMW sports car, a five bedroom London house and all the latest tech. He was telling me about how he’d cut down on drinking and started doing high…
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