A new study into middle aged fitness

•    Couch Potatoes Rejoice! •    The Diet that’s Like A Treadmill on Your Plate •    What to eat every week to boost your natural fitness   I’ll begin by stating the bleedin’ obvious.  I LOVE FOOD.  It used to be that I just loved its taste and the pleasure of eating it.  And now I love it for that AND the way it heals disease and protects us from all kinds of later-life health problems.  It’s why I began writing…
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My gout prejudice shamefully revealed

Pain Patches: Poster Boy for gout

The surprising reason my builder let me down   My gout prejudice shamefully revealed   Try these natural strategies to avoid and alleviate excessive uric acid building up in your bloodstream…   I’m not much of a handyman. Behind every large picture hung on our wall are about three failed attempts to put in a screw. My few DIY projects, like the shelves I put up in the garage, could be described as “charmingly rustic” or maybe just “BAD”. When…
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Ultra Processed Food

Is the food industry making us sick

What I’m about to share is fascinating and horrifying at the same time…  It comes from a Good Life Letter reader, who read one of my emails about Ultra Processed Food (handily abbreviated to ‘UPF’).  They sent me a link to a fascinating article by food writer Chris Van Tulleken, in which he gave up all UPFs for a month and diarised what happened.  Now, if you missed my recent letters on this subject, the gist of the matter is…
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Could this gut bacteria help reverse your biological age?

Argan Oil Moroccan Gold Remedy

Are you sitting comfortably? Feeling relaxed? If so, good. Because it might help you live longer. That’s according to a new study in the US, which looked at biological ageing in people before and after surgery. The stress of the upcoming surgery vastly accelerated their measurable biological age. But this ageing was REVERSED in the recovery process. They have tried similar experiments on mice too and found that exposure to stress aged them rapidly, while stress reduction did the opposite….
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How lifestyle medicine could radically improve your life

  More GPs need to listen to this Jersey doctor How this form of drug-free medicine could radically improve your life Take this holistic lifestyle audit to spot any potential causes of your health problems   The other week I was raging about the latest disarray in government policy after their ‘food tsar’ resigned. ‘Why diet related disease will cost us all!’ I said. Well, I had some great feedback from readers, as usual. And one Good Life Letter sent…
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Honey fraud revealed

Is it real or fake?

I’m a big fan of honey. It’s naturally sweet and full of nutrients. What’s more, it’s an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial agent. But… I’m NOT a fan of the honey for sale in British supermarkets. And neither should you be… Because a lot of it is overtreated, overheated and filtered to the point where it loses its power. Worse still, most of it is utter junk. Yup, sadly, it’s true…. A new investigation by the European Commission has just found…
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