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Pain Patches: A reminder from an unusual source!


How we made the most of a sunny Saturday in the park This new advocate for natural health is a surprise The daily routine to banish pain – click here for more information We had a family gathering last weekend. Aunts and Uncles, In-Laws and a few Outlaws too! There was no good reason other than we hadn’t been able to get together for a few years and it was suggested a day out in a local park with deck…
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Horseshoe Crabs: The blue blood life saver

Horseshoe Crabs: How are medicines proven safe

Is this Britain’s strangest museum? The health benefits of crabs (no, not that kind) Crab alternatives for vegetarians Lara and I paid a visit to Margate last weekend. Some friends live there and we fancied a bit of old-fashioned seaside fun. There was so much to see and do. The town has a theme park (‘Dreamland’), with the oldest rollercoaster in the UK. It’s also famous for The Shell Grotto, a series of subterranean chambers lined with mosaics made up…
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Piriton Shortage: Natural Hay Fever Remedies

Piriton Shortage_Natural Alternatives

Oh, woe is me! Simple, natural ways to beat the curse of hay fever this spring How to ease allergy symptoms with your thumb I woke to hear that there is a Piriton shortage and also other allergy remedies in short supply too. So I thought I would do my bit to help the struggling pharmacies. You see, I love sunny Spring mornings, yomping across the fields with the dog in the early morning air. Hearing the bird song from…
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Medical screening: The dangers of trying to be healthy

medical screening results

When trying to be healthy is unhealthy  The downside of medical screening  How to make your next fitness kick last A few years ago, I was called in for a general health medical screening. Like an MOT for the middle aged. The man in the room looked about 20 years old. He was quite tubby and wearing shorts. (I don’t know why that’s important, but for some reason I was taken aback by the shorts). We ran through a load…
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The French Diet: Drink, stink and be healthy!

French Diet_Health benefit of onions

Discover the daily routine of this health writer Why onions should have a better press The damage done by poor newspaper reports I have had lots of correspondence about natural approaches to better health and diet. In general there was a desire to know a little more, so today I thought I would oblige! Here are a few of the things I tend to do each day, when I can. But that is not to say these are for everyone….
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Vitamin D: The ‘pointless’ vitamin that cured joint pain

Vitamin D Stops Joint Pain

British vitamin D backlash in the Daily Mail kicks back against ‘pointless’ supplements “I have not had a cold in three years” says one reader Why the health media is on a merry-go-round At the beginning of the month, I wrote to you about a new vitamin D controversy. Having been strongly vocal in his support of supplementation, Professor Tim Spector appeared in the Daily Mail, denouncing it as ‘pointless’. As I said in my newsletter at the time, there…
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