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The fizzy drinks that harm women

Health risks for women

The hidden health risk of fizzy drinks Why this health problem could rocket in 2022… The freezing herb that could beat stress It’s not often I shout ‘Look out Lara, your life’s in danger!’ when she walks into a newsagent. In fact, I’ve never done it. And not just because I’m too busy deciding between a Wispa and a Double Decker. But maybe I SHOULD think about protecting Lara a little more, because there’s something lurking in newsagents, supermarkets, pubs…
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Emu Oil: A game changer for skin and joint health

Aborigine Natural Remedy

Celebrity endorsement is rarely to be taken seriously, however… One for the men… especially those big tough rugby boys Skin healing, joint soothing and loved by stars around the world There are few things designed to make me less interested in something than the term ‘celebrity endorsed’. In most cases the famous name associated with a product is usually a soap actor or a member of a boy band… neither of which I consider very high up the food chain…
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Back Pain Relief Avoiding Ibuprofen

natural pain relief

A new warning about ibuprofen Why you should never take this for back ache My three favourite natural anti-inflammatory treats How’s your back? The reason I’m asking is that there’s a ONE in SIX chance that you have back pain right now. That’s how many sufferers there are in the UK, according to Public Health England. And if you add the number of adults who have had back ache – or will at some point in the future – then…
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Gentle walking: Why a stroll is better than a power walk

walking health benefits

Ditch the Lycra and douse the burn… Find out why good health isn’t about breaking sweat How you could add years to your life This is why a rambling newsletter makes sense after all The last week was an incredibly busy one for me, so forgive me if today’s letter rambles a bit as I do feel a little fazed. Lara and I have been on a tour of the UK visiting friends and relatives now that the restrictions imposed…
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Seasonal Foods: Why you should celebrate Midsummer

Seasonal Food

The important nutritional lesson of midsummer’s day  If you want the most nutritional punch from your food, do this  How this natural anti-depressant got its name Happy Midsummer’s Day! Although that word ‘midsummer’ is a bit confusing, isn’t it? The school holidays haven’t even started… and yet we’re already midsummer?! Meteorologically speaking, we’re only a month into summer, so there are still two thirds of it left. And astronomically speaking, summer started on the June Solstice, which was on Tuesday,…
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Successful Dieting: Why you need to think differently

Easy dieting

A horror show that none of us wants to go through Operation ‘Get Shorty’ could be avoided – here’s how Make this an essential part of the return to normal life… Do you want to know more about successful dieting? Here’s an insight into how I manage my weight… it’s a story about keeping my shorts! Let me explain by taking you back a day or two in time… I felt like one of those folk at an Alchoholics Anonymous…
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