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When your insides turn to bad avocado

The trouble with avocados – and why your cells have the same problem!  How vitamin C slows down ageing  Another way to boost your immune system this winter – by switching this appliance off at night! I love avocados. They’re not only delicious but full of nutrients, including vitamins C, E, K, and B-6, riboflavin, folate, niacin, potassium and magnesium. There are two very annoying things about them, though. Firstly, trying to get a properly ripe one is tricky. Often…
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How a lack of beach time could cause this long term problem

Discover why a beach holiday should make you think of health  Remember Pi in maths… well here’s Si and it’s much more interesting  You really need to read this – it’s for your own good I’m not alone in this, and I am certainly not looking for sympathy. Missing out on my annual trip to Portugal has deprived me of a proper health boost. I really missed not having the time in the sun, eating fish straight from the sea…
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Does your GP react like this to you?

Natural cold cures

Why you shouldn’t forget that the common cold is still out there Discover some powerful natural anti-virals Here’s a singers secret that can ease a sore throat I’ve had a few emails of late asking why GP’s don’t ever talk about natural remedies. Under the current restrictions imposed on medics due to the coronavirus, many people are struggling to get to see or even talk to their surgeries. When they do get through the impression is that they will be…
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How to feel fuller without eating more

Slimming without dieting

Introducing the ‘natural skinny jab’ – that doesn’t involve a jab at all!  How to feel fuller without eating more – it’s the ‘no diet diet’ you’ve been waiting for  Secrets of the world’s super-agers Last Friday I wrote about the Skinny Jab. It an injection that makes you feel fuller, more of the time, so that you eat less. A terrible thing, in my opinion. You won’t be surprised to hear that, of course! And I know from the…
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Can you really inject yourself thinner?

The problem with this worrying new ‘Skinny Jab’ fad Can you really inject yourself thinner? And if so, SHOULD you? The boring but effective truth about weight loss Well, this is depressing. I don’t know if you’ve watched The Only Way Is Essex (I haven’t) or recognise one of its stars, Gemma Collins, who has appeared on numerous reality shows. She’s one of the new breed of reality stars who don’t seem to do much in the way of anything…
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A Garden Weed That Works Wonders For A Bad Headache

No more days like these, thank you! The fever that’s good for headaches Discover these handy tips to a clearer head Yesterday started out badly… and got worse as the day progressed. I had been woken at 3.00 by the dog barking at a fox in the garden (not sure whether it was the fox or the outside light tripping on that caused the annoyance). Then when I dozed back off, the smoke alarm on the landing started beeping as…
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