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The green space that heals you naturally

Why going green can be so healthy for you This troubling development policy is a major health issue Why we’re suddenly being prescribed green space The best preventative medicine you can take – and it will cost you nothing When I was a kid, I used to play in a field beside my house. It was not exactly the Garden of Eden. There was an industrial estate at one side and a busy road cutting beneath a bridge at another….
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Here are three simple ways to save your teeth

Has lockdown affected your teeth Are you at risk of being the new Shane MacGowan look-a-like? Discover the simple secrets to keeping your teeth in order One of the casualties of lockdown has been my check up at the dentist. In some ways I am not too upset as Mrs Collins’ big boy is not the bravest when it comes to sitting in the chair – and now the kids are old enough to look after themselves I don’t have…
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Why the best medicine costs you nothing

How to keep laughing for better health Proof that laughter is one of the best natural medicines  The stress-relief and immunity booster that costs you nothing (but can be tricky to find these days)  It can even relieve your pain I’ve always disliked it when people say, “Cheer up!”. It’s as if they think that simply by commanding me to be happy, my entire mood will change instantly, like flicking a switch. Far better would be to cheer me up…
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How tucking your trousers into your socks can prevent illness

How to avoid Lyme Disease

Can we eat better by eating the ‘wrong’ foods? This may not be fashionable but it certainly works Holiday tips for the intrepid explorers Wonky vegetables and fruit are here at last! It’s been a while since I last visited a supermarket, but last weekend I had to call in to a local one to collect some holiday gear from the Argos counter. Whilst I was in there with all the other happy shoppers (not!) I took the chance to…
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How would you react to being told this?


Have you been classified as ‘at risk’ even though you are healthy? Discover why this common diagnosis is a major con Find out why all calories are not created equal Dear <NAME> Tomorrow I will be arming myself against danger. Face mask to the fore, hand gel by the gallon and a determined look of ‘don’t mess with me’ on my face. I have to go to see my GP for the annual check up… These sessions have become something…
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Lockdown insomnia – a problem few saw coming!

Insomnia Cure

Have you had this problem too? Ugh, yet another horrid lockdown side effect  Do you get this insomnia problem too?  Two nutritional tips for relaxing your body so that you sleep more deeply every night I woke up and looked at my bedside clock. It was 4.30am. “Ah,” I thought, “plenty of time to get some more sleep before the dog wakes us all up for his breakfast.” I was absolutely exhausted because I’d been working all the previous day…
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