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I wouldn’t normally recommend this with such urgency

Why is vitamin D critical for health

I wouldn’t normally recommend this with such urgency  This new and improved bioavailable form of vitamin D could be the best frontline defence for your mind and body during these tough times  A simple way to improve your immune system: find out more here Spring is here. That means more light during the day and potentially more sunshine on our skin. So I would not normally recommend this natural health measure with such urgency… But these are not normal times….
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Why low fat diets are bad for immunity

Do this one weird trick to ANY mushroom to make it far healthier  A surprising fact about vitamin D in April  Why low-fat diets are bad for immunity Got any mushrooms in the house? Top tip for you…. Put them on a plate on an open window ledge. Seems weird, I know. There’s a faint possibility a pigeon or seagull might nick one. But that one odd trick will supercharge the vitamin D content of those mushrooms, so that when…
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How to harvest your own medicine

The secret to green fingered remedies Here are three of the best for your garden… …and some hot stuff for the window ledge Spring has sprung, as they say. All around me the trees are in blossom, the dandelions and daises are poking through the lawn and the weeds are taking over my vegetable plot… …but this year I have the time to spend beating the little blighters. I am finding a gentle bit of hoeing and weeding every day…
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Moments like these could be so important

health benefits of wild garlic

Why precious moments like these are so important for your wellbeing The benefits of being slow This wild, free food can lower your blood pressure, relieve kidney problems and improve your digestion The weather was lovely on Sunday. I decided to take my daily coronavirus constitutional… Formerly known as “walking the dog”. Off I went into the countryside near our home where I was captivated by a familiar scent. Wild garlic! Loads of the stuff! There was a massive patch…
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This is crazy

How fish oil makes you happy

The dietary deficiency linked to mental health problems  Eat more of this to give your mood a big boost  How to get your omega-3s without fish Last weekend was a big test for the country. The first really sunny, warm weather for most of Britain and nobody was supposed to be outside in it! Or at least, they were allowed out for one piece of exercise then supposed to get right back home. It was government lockdown rules… No sunbathing,…
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The food that is so often misunderstood

healthy food

Where I stand on the great carb debate Why there is such a thing as good and bad foods Nuts, seeds & berries – not just for birds! At my age I’m often misunderstood…I get used to it. Being the complex and irascible character that I am can sometimes lead to a period of being ostracised. To be honest with you there are times when I actually enjoy it! You could say that I have been in training for self-isolation…
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