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Is Cola really as healthy as fruit juice?

Healthy Fruit Juice

Sorry, I’m going to disagree with the papers again Cola versus fruit juice. What’s the truth? Revealed, the safe amount of fruit juice to drink The other day I was out with the dog. I decided to take a shortcut through some woods behind the houses. Now, I don’t know if you do any dog walking… But one of the things you almost always find when you go off-piste through woods, fields and waste grounds is what I call a…
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3 remedies for night sweats and other nursery rhyme horrors

Healthy herbal tea for night sweats

Don’t let these horror stories spoil your sleep How can a natural acid really cure you? The remedies for an ageing body perhaps? As anybody who has read to a child will know, the world of the nursery rhyme is a dark place. Remember the one about the farmer’s wife? No? Well it’s a shocker. Apparently the crazed old bint had a habit of chopping the tails off visually impaired rodents. ‘Did you ever see such a thing in your…
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You might love this, or completely hate it

Natural mosquito repellent

The toast spread that repels insects Four foods that make you unattractive And four foods that make you MORE attractive Marmite. Love it or hate it? Personally, I cannot stand the stuff. However, if I was one of those people who gets constantly bitten by mozzies and midges, then perhaps I might reconsider. As I was saying a few weeks back, there’s a natural way to repel biting insects, developed originally in Mississippi in 1928. No DEET, no oiliness or…
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How Nigella can cure your migraine

Could nigella seeds be a natural cure for migraine

Straight outta Morocco: the black seeds that get rid of headaches and more The health secret of “liquid gold” How this remedy can boost libido in men and help post-menopausal women too… A Good Life reader has recently been on holiday in Morocco. He emailed me to say that at 42 degrees celsius, it was VERY HOT, and he began to feel a little wilted. That was when an optical migraine set in. Coincidentally, my intrepid reader was in Marrakech-Tensift-Al…
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The toast spread that’s BETTER than an NHS treatment

Honey treatment for cuts, ulcers and burns

Discover why those ‘Senior Moments’ are nothing to worry about How a fishy fact can really improve your memory How a scabby chin proved my point “Now what did I come in here for?” Does this ever happen to you? You walk into a room full of intent to do something then stop in your tracks looking around you whilst you search for a clue as to what it might have been. The first thing you need to realise is…
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Why body image needs to be revisited

Positive body image

Why your body is like a car (in a good way) An interesting trick that could change a bad body image More bad news about processed food Hello, Imagine you’re driving a beaten-up Mini Metro. You park outside a shop, black smoke belching from the exhaust, and get out of the car. The rusty door closes behind you with a squeak. A snotty teenager standing by a nearby lamppost with a can of Monster energy drink snorts with derision. “Ha…
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