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The danger of white rice

Is white rice good for you

Something I forgot to mention in my little confession about sugar last Sunday… The lesser known dangers of white rice Try this if you worry about controlling your blood sugar: the bitter melon remedy I wrote to you about controlling blood sugar on Sunday. If you remember, I confessed by hapless addiction to Scottish tablet (it’s closely followed by shortbread and fudge). The problem, obviously, is that the sugar rush you get from food like that plays havoc with your body….
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Why you should eat in threes

Easy Weight Loss

Why you shouldn’t trust an easy answer when it comes to health…  But then again, this 3-3-3 formula for good heart health makes sense…  And it could help stabilise your blood sugar People love easy solutions. I understand that. After all, imagine a single pill that could solve all your pain problems… A push-button business idea that would end your money worries… A secret formula that will guarantee you stay slim for life… These sorts of promises are hard to…
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How this very special razor will help everyone

Healthy bones naturally

You are never too old to learn from a puppy Find out how to keep your bones healthy These are the simple ways to increase calcium levels You join me today as an old dog has learnt a new trick. None of us are too old to be shown the error of our ways, or in this case how I could have handled things better. The story begins with BT… “Good morning, can you tell me why my internet has…
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The autumnal trick to improve your heart

healthy heart in autumn

The clever trick you can do in September to fix your health Why the time to do this is now Here’s a way to get your heart in better shape Well, well, well… it’s September! Autumn is my favourite time of the year – mainly the bit from now until the clocks change on 27th October. I love the fresher bite of the air… the mulchy scents of the countryside… And the fact that you can go to shops, parks and…
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Why your kids could be in danger every time they answer the phone

mobile phone safety

Why is technology always fighting against us? Discover how safe a mobile phone can be Some simple advice for young mobile phone users Last week I mentioned the fact that losing a mobile phone wasn’t a sign of dementia, and this prompted a few of you to ask how safe these devices were. Well here is what I found out. Before I get started though, I have to make one thing clear… What I’m about to tell you has NOTHING…
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How this hidden problem is linked to allergies & obesity

The brain electric

The lazy way to reduce your waistline The electrical threat you’re not told about How this hidden problem is linked to allergies, cancer, sleep problems, and even obesity Well, that was a hot week. Too hot for me to do any gardening over the Bank Holiday weekend. And too hot even to sleep. Last Sunday night I was uncomfortable in every position, and had to discard even a bed sheet (not a pretty image but there you go). It seemed…
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