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Get to grips with this major gripe

Help for back pain

The drugs don’t work – no surprise there then! Are you doing your bit for a better back? Discover the five surprising ways to achieve a pain free life Are you a martyr to back pain? Waking every morning and making those first small movements to see whether you’re going to suffer or not? Thinking twice about bending down to pick the post off of the mat? I share your pain! As a sufferer myself, I’ve written many emails on…
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Turn back the brain clock with this surprising remedy

How to eat to protect your brain

Most people forget this truth about cognitive decline How to feed your brain to keep it younger, sharper, more focussed One of the most important factors in a healthy brain (you just might not realise it) I did it again. Found myself in the kitchen wondering, “Why am I here?” It wasn’t a philosophical question. I wasn’t searching for the meaning of existence. Genuinely, I had no idea why I was in the kitchen. This happens to me a lot….
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How walking suddenly turned bad for your health…

Walking is healthy

How brave are you when it comes to breakfast? Another misguided piece of journalism The real reasons to enjoy a nice walk This week I’ve taken my life in my own hands… Not once, but twice. And there was nothing anyone could do to stop me. As Lara and the kids tearfully waved me off, I took a deep breath, and bravely entered the kitchen. There, armed with only a knife (all right, and a fork), I faced one of…
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This will get me into hot water

Is research truth?

Why I’m suspicious about this latest research, quite frankly A good reason to get yourself into hot water Better circulation, less constipation, improved digestions and even weight loss – read on to find out more… Last week I waded into the Cola vs Fruit Juice story, with guns a-blazing. In the Wild West, they used to call me The Juicy Kid. Anyway, I disagreed with the way the media headlines were trying to make out that fruit juice was ‘just…
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The hidden danger of the Summer BBQ

BBQ Party health dangers

How fruit juice could really damage your health after all Why being happy is so healthy Discover the simple tips to make every Summer party go with a swing A few weeks ago I was explaining how a piece of research about fruit juices got picked up by the tabloids and led to a bunch of scary headlines saying that Cola was more healthy than a glass of orange juice. Quite rightly many of you have written in to agree…
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Is Cola really as healthy as fruit juice?

Healthy Fruit Juice

Sorry, I’m going to disagree with the papers again Cola versus fruit juice. What’s the truth? Revealed, the safe amount of fruit juice to drink The other day I was out with the dog. I decided to take a shortcut through some woods behind the houses. Now, I don’t know if you do any dog walking… But one of the things you almost always find when you go off-piste through woods, fields and waste grounds is what I call a…
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