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I won’t be bullied by the new normal

Why I refuse to accept the new normal  How optimism can extend your life, according to scientists  And finally, an important update on our supplements (I hope you’re not disappointed) “The new normal.” I hate that phrase… In essence, it says: “Things are really weird but you’d better get used to it.” Maybe so… But it feels a little defeatist to me. It’s like a kid being punched in the arm by a bully every day and being told: “Oh…
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Why Scotland is dishing out free vitamins

Interesting news from Scotland – why they’re dishing out free vitamin pills  Why does the media love to hate vitamin supplements?  The worrying ingredient inside your vitamin pills – why these drugs don’t work So it has come to this… FREE vitamins! Well… For some people in Scotland anyway. The Scottish government has announced that those who are shielding will get a free four-month supply of vitamin D supplements to boost their immune systems this winter. An NHS letter even…
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It’s enough to make anyone SAD

Find out why this perennial problem could be worse this year Discover simple ways to beat the winter blues Could a vitamin a day be the answer? Do you remember the Blue Peter tortoises? Initially there was Fred, who very quickly became Freda as one of the viewers spotted that he was a she! Then in later editions there was George (who was famous for doing a runner and being on the missing list for weeks!) Well I now realise…
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