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Think positive stay healthy

Why negative thoughts make you feel old   This relentless bad news is seriously bad news  How negative thinking affects your memory, sleep and libido  The chronic 21st century condition that can accelerate the ageing process Bad news! There’s a lot of it about, isn’t there? Bad news everywhere, all the time. Unlike in the old days, you don’t only get bad news at 6pm or 10pm when the TV news is on, or when you glance through the newspaper…
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Am I really too old for all of this?

Happiness is the key to good health

Discover why a friends impending nuptials awoke a sense of well being How you can make Laurel & Hardy part of your health routine Isn’t it time you became a positive thinker? When an old friend of mine announced he was getting married (again!), he followed it up with a rough growl… ‘I don’t want a stag do,’ he said with a threatening glance in my direction. ‘I’m too old for all that.’ I have to say I was disappointed….
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