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How to prevent a splitting headache

Two foods that can help prevent a splitting headache  What NEVER to eat if you have a migraine  Why you should keep a headache diary (these five smart phone apps will help) There is no cure for a migraine. Horrible to think, isn’t it? Here’s something that’s so debilitating for sufferers that they often have to stay in a darkened room for hours, even days. And yet science still can’t find an answer. The closest medicine has come is through…
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How Nigella can cure your migraine

Could nigella seeds be a natural cure for migraine

Straight outta Morocco: the black seeds that get rid of headaches and more The health secret of “liquid gold” How this remedy can boost libido in men and help post-menopausal women too… A Good Life reader has recently been on holiday in Morocco. He emailed me to say that at 42 degrees celsius, it was VERY HOT, and he began to feel a little wilted. That was when an optical migraine set in. Coincidentally, my intrepid reader was in Marrakech-Tensift-Al…
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