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Why it’s time to fatten up your brain

How talking apples created a lot of worry This is why your brain is crying out for good fat A really easy way to look after the little grey cells – click here OK, so I’ve had a few emails after my newsletter about apples talking to me… …please don’t be alarmed I am not losing it. In fact I don’t think I have ever had it! I am very touched by the genuine concerns about my mental health, a topic…
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This harsh reality of this summer finally hits home

How Devon became a substitute for the Algarve Why old men can’t jump… easily! Could this simple vitamin protect your memory? The news last Thursday finally convinced me that I would not get my traditional break in Portugal this year. I was devastated, but with my daughter about to go to university and my wife and I trying to protect our ageing parents, we had no choice. So, we decided to have a few days away in Devon instead. The…
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Turn back the brain clock with this surprising remedy

How to eat to protect your brain

Most people forget this truth about cognitive decline How to feed your brain to keep it younger, sharper, more focussed One of the most important factors in a healthy brain (you just might not realise it) I did it again. Found myself in the kitchen wondering, “Why am I here?” It wasn’t a philosophical question. I wasn’t searching for the meaning of existence. Genuinely, I had no idea why I was in the kitchen. This happens to me a lot….
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