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Have we got medicine totally wrong?

Why it’s wrong to expect this from your GP The problem with the quick fix attitude of Western medicine Alternatives to asthma drugs and pain killers Yesterday, I was standing in a socially distanced Post Office queue. My mask was on… the smell of hand sanitiser in the air… the essence of 2020! Ahead of me in the queue was a middle-aged couple. Of course, I was eavesdropping like I always do! The woman was telling the man about her…
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A 1955 marmalade recipe from a reader….    A classic, affordable British superfoods that might be in your garden    Try this tangy chutney to sneak in the green stuff   Who’d have thought it…  But one of my most popular emails lately was the one about marmalade!  Just shows what a sweet tooth you all have.  This is what I love about writing this newsletter – it’s as much about old-fashioned treats and things that make you feel good……
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