Stress & Sleep

3 remedies for night sweats and other nursery rhyme horrors

Healthy herbal tea for night sweats

Don’t let these horror stories spoil your sleep How can a natural acid really cure you? The remedies for an ageing body perhaps? As anybody who has read to a child will know, the world of the nursery rhyme is a dark place. Remember the one about the farmer’s wife? No? Well it’s a shocker. Apparently the crazed old bint had a habit of chopping the tails off visually impaired rodents. ‘Did you ever see such a thing in your…
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New research shows that one in eight people will suffer from anxiety

Taking Mental Health More Seriously

This man’s behaviour was totally disgusting New research into this anxiety problem 1 in 8 people will get this, and it’s shocking Why the diet industry is partly to blame Hello, One of my wife’s friends rang her in tears a few days ago. She’s a 50-year old theatre promoter who used to work as an actress in her youth – even got a few telly bit parts in her time. However, despite her bubbliness and apparent confidence, she suffers…
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