Memory & Brain Health

Turn back the brain clock with this surprising remedy

How to eat to protect your brain

Most people forget this truth about cognitive decline How to feed your brain to keep it younger, sharper, more focussed One of the most important factors in a healthy brain (you just might not realise it) I did it again. Found myself in the kitchen wondering, “Why am I here?” It wasn’t a philosophical question. I wasn’t searching for the meaning of existence. Genuinely, I had no idea why I was in the kitchen. This happens to me a lot….
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How Nigella can cure your migraine

Could nigella seeds be a natural cure for migraine

Straight outta Morocco: the black seeds that get rid of headaches and more The health secret of “liquid gold” How this remedy can boost libido in men and help post-menopausal women too… A Good Life reader has recently been on holiday in Morocco. He emailed me to say that at 42 degrees celsius, it was VERY HOT, and he began to feel a little wilted. That was when an optical migraine set in. Coincidentally, my intrepid reader was in Marrakech-Tensift-Al…
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How doing nothing protects your brainpower

Simple meditation protects brainpower

Why doing absolutely nothing is good for you How to have the brain of a 25 year old Why doing absolutely nothing is good for you Revealed, the 15 minute ZERO IMPACT workout that makes you feel younger Hi You can’t always stop the ravages of time… The wrinkles, the crinkles, the slowing metabolism, the flabby bits… …In these letters I do my best to pass on information that can help you avoid many of the “avoidable” aspects of ageing,…
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