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How to combat potassium deficiency

How to avoid potassium deficiency

If you’re still drinking cola after this, I’d be amazed… …but to be honest I don’t expect many of you would do what this lady did The hidden danger of disco dancing – a warning to all dancing Dads! Hello, What a headline, it’s like I am writing in a real scientific journal! But to save you reaching for the medical dictionary, or more likely opening a new tab with Google search in it… hypokalaemia means lowered levels of potassium…
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The Good Life Letter was started in 2005 by health writer Ray Collins. Ray had become increasingly frustrated at what he saw in the national press and decided the best way he could deal with it was to start writing his own blog on natural remedies and healthy living. Since then many thousands of words have been written and many thousands of readers have joined in the journey to find natural ways to help take control of their own health….
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