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Go medieval to help beat illness…

How to use urine colour to determine health

Just what did the folk of the middle ages do for us? What is a metabolite and why should you be interested in them? Discover why looking down when you pee is a really good idea Those big historical Hollywood blockbusters never get it right do they? Take Camelot for example. I was forced to watch this recently (the things I do for mother-in-laws) and over ninety or so minutes I saw a lot of singing and dancing, a lot…
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This will get me into hot water

Is research truth?

Why I’m suspicious about this latest research, quite frankly A good reason to get yourself into hot water Better circulation, less constipation, improved digestions and even weight loss – read on to find out more… Last week I waded into the Cola vs Fruit Juice story, with guns a-blazing. In the Wild West, they used to call me The Juicy Kid. Anyway, I disagreed with the way the media headlines were trying to make out that fruit juice was ‘just…
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Why body image needs to be revisited

Positive body image

Why your body is like a car (in a good way) An interesting trick that could change a bad body image More bad news about processed food Hello, Imagine you’re driving a beaten-up Mini Metro. You park outside a shop, black smoke belching from the exhaust, and get out of the car. The rusty door closes behind you with a squeak. A snotty teenager standing by a nearby lamppost with a can of Monster energy drink snorts with derision. “Ha…
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How to combat potassium deficiency

How to avoid potassium deficiency

If you’re still drinking cola after this, I’d be amazed… …but to be honest I don’t expect many of you would do what this lady did The hidden danger of disco dancing – a warning to all dancing Dads! Hello, What a headline, it’s like I am writing in a real scientific journal! But to save you reaching for the medical dictionary, or more likely opening a new tab with Google search in it… hypokalaemia means lowered levels of potassium…
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