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Are health checks good for you? Simple ways to better health

Are health checks good for you

Why expensive health checkups could be dangerous Is this cholesterol test for health… or something more sinister? If you’re over 40 and male, read this right now… There are loads of things I don’t like about getting older… For instance, last month I went out for a night with Lara. In our younger days we would have taped the kids to the bed (all right, we would have got a babysitter!), but now the first sign of age was we…
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How a glorious day can make you ill

Stay healthy in the sun

The reasons why a few precautions can make a summers day even better Do you know the signs of these potential killers? How to protect the young and old Can things get any worse…? Last week I discovered I had Uncontrollable Anger at the Nanny State Disorder and was suffering from Ongoing Irreversible Ageing… This week I discover I’m turning into a snake. All right, I’m exaggerating but my holiday tan is fading and my skin is finally starting to…
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Why The Guardian is wrong about this claim

Vitamins for health

The truth behind this latest anti-vitamin press campaign All supplements are useless – or are they? Why this one form of vitamin packs a bigger health punch Right, the gloves are off. It’s time for another bit of media-bashing from me! If you looked at the papers last week-end you’ll have seen articles about a study from the US which says vitamin and mineral supplements are useless for better brain health. For instance, The Guardian headline looked like this: ’Save…
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Go medieval to help beat illness…

How to use urine colour to determine health

Just what did the folk of the middle ages do for us? What is a metabolite and why should you be interested in them? Discover why looking down when you pee is a really good idea Those big historical Hollywood blockbusters never get it right do they? Take Camelot for example. I was forced to watch this recently (the things I do for mother-in-laws) and over ninety or so minutes I saw a lot of singing and dancing, a lot…
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This will get me into hot water

Is research truth?

Why I’m suspicious about this latest research, quite frankly A good reason to get yourself into hot water Better circulation, less constipation, improved digestions and even weight loss – read on to find out more… Last week I waded into the Cola vs Fruit Juice story, with guns a-blazing. In the Wild West, they used to call me The Juicy Kid. Anyway, I disagreed with the way the media headlines were trying to make out that fruit juice was ‘just…
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Why body image needs to be revisited

Positive body image

Why your body is like a car (in a good way) An interesting trick that could change a bad body image More bad news about processed food Hello, Imagine you’re driving a beaten-up Mini Metro. You park outside a shop, black smoke belching from the exhaust, and get out of the car. The rusty door closes behind you with a squeak. A snotty teenager standing by a nearby lamppost with a can of Monster energy drink snorts with derision. “Ha…
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