The Wonder Pax: Heat Bundle


The WonderPax Neck and Shoulder Reusable Cool/Warm Gel Pack

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Included in the bundle is a reusable cool/warm gel pouch for you neck and shoulders, a carrying pouch and 2 free hand warmers

Warm Compress

WonderPax is an instant, portable, and reusable gel pad. At the click of a button the pad will reach 54C (130 F). Place a damp cloth/belt between the WonderPax and your body and feel the heat quickly penetrate muscles and joints.

The pad contains sodium acetate, a salt-based solution, tightly sealed in a durable pack.

Flexing the small metal disk inside the pad creates a molecular reaction, causing the solution to crystallize. During the reaction (from liquid to crystal form), energy is released inn the form of heat. By boiling it in water the exothermic reaction is reversed so that the pad may be reused again and again.

Cool Compress

Store WonderPax in the refrigerator indefinitely until ready to use. The product remains soft and flexible at refrigerated temperatures. The cold pad soothes the desired areas within 5 minutes, without the harsh shock and pain experienced with ice or ice water treatments.

WonderPax warm and cool gel pads are ideal for use on the back, shoulder, hip, thigh, elbow, neck, wrist, or any part of the body where therapy is needed.

Ideal for:

  • Sport Therapy in the case if muscle joint stains and inflammation
  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Deep penetrating heat therapy and circulation stimulation
  • Therapeutic treatment of tight muscles, spasms and joint pain
  • Enhancing the warm-up period before exercise by loosening tight muscles and joints

Do not use your WonderPax in the first few days after an injury, specifically while your injury has any swelling, as heat may increase blood flow and can worsen swelling of the injured area.


Contents of gel: sodium acetate and water colour

Caution: Not intended for children ages 5 and under. Wrap in towel when using on skin. Consult a physician before use if medical condition warrants