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Magnesium – A Real Powerhouse of Health

Magnesium for better health

Make the most of it… Ray apologises for a tardy response! Could this mineral be the answer for your health problem? Why up to 70% of us in the UK need to do something now “In a minute!” “I’ll be right on it just as soon as I can!” “I’ve put it at the top of my ‘to do’ list..!” Any of these statements ring true with you? We all have our preferred way to put something off. Often it’s…
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How to defend against flu the natural way

Natural flu remedy

Why this Australian problem could mean bad news for us in the UK  How to halve your chances of getting a respiratory infection this winter  Is your microbial community diverse enough? Hi NAME When you think of Australia, what springs to mind? You might think of tropical reefs… sand and surf…  rugged outback landscapes… weird and wonderful wildlife. But for many medical experts, it’s all about flu statistics. Not quite the clichéd idea of life ‘down under’ is it? However,…
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What are the health benefits of this Aztec food of the Gods?

Healthy Chocolate

Discover how dark chocolate can protect your brain cells Chocolate for life, love and health What do the Aztecs, Madame du Barry and Casanova have in common? I like a good news story, and today’s is all about CHOCOLATE. How about that for an attention grabbing first line……….. especially as some of the latest research says that chocolate isn’t just good eating, it could also guard against brain injury following a stroke. I can’t imagine that the Journal of Cerebral…
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Want to live longer? Here’s how

Be happy and live longer

The advice about living longer that you never hear The surprising benefits of optimism – how it can reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer How dopamine can extend your life Want to live longer? Well, you’ve heard all the usual advice before. As almost everyone will tell you, you should exercise regularly, give up smoking, eat a balanced diet and avoid too much alcohol. Blah blah blah. These are all important, obviously. But what’s far less known…
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Hold on to your hats… this is going to get hairy!

Hair loss is not inevitable

6 hidden causes of premature baldness Natural ways to reverse hair loss When you should never use this type of shampoo… At first sight of today’s subject line, you might be forgiven in thinking that I am entering into the debate over politics, Brexit and the Law… But I promise these are topics that are not on my agenda… Instead I want to consider something much more personal – today is all about hair loss, maybe another topic that divides…
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Is this the way to stop the clock?

Argan Oil Moroccan Gold Remedy

Getting older is unavoidable, staying healthy is in your hands A simple way to boost your vitality Discover this amazing tonic that can keep you in better shape A few days ago I told you about the amazingly ancient remedy which is Argan Oil from Morocco. Well I thought I ought to tell you just how ancient this remedy is – and why the oil is so important to the women of the local tribes. I said that this was…
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