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A healthy tonic from a most unlikely source

How the good things in life can be even better Why science isn’t all bad Why this really can make a huge difference to health for all of us Today I have some fantastic news for those of you with a penchant for red wine. It turns out that a small glass a day is good for you as it can lower blood pressure for those at risk according to a study published in 20201. So that’s great! But I…
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Are lamb and red wine good for the brain?

New research revealed  The food deficiency that causes 67% of these cancer cases  Are lamb and red wine good for the brain? The World Cancer Research Fund has published some brand new research. I think it could be of interest to Good Life Letter readers. Yes, it pretty much backs up what our message has ALWAYS been – but it’s worth remembering – eat a wide range of whole foods to avoid pain and serious illness. The WCRF has reported…
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Why lockdown has ruined me

My part in the great toast controversy  The danger of eating too many acrylamides  A useful snack list during lockdown Oh, how these lockdowns can change a person! This time last year, I barely used social media. I’ve always been an email guy, really. It’s my favourite way to write to friends, colleagues and YOU, of course! Personal, one to one, and private… I still think you cannot beat it. But then came the pandemic lockdowns. Suddenly I was getting…
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