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How to avoid this family curse

Why this story terrified me when I was younger Discover why common medications can be a problem for your stomach How a cabbage can treat this nasty condition It was a simple question for a 10 year old to ask: “Why is it that grandma doesn’t eat very much?” Little did the young Ray Collins realise that the answer would strike fear into his heart. …That his mum would launch into a description of how his grandmother once had an…
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Oh yes, you really should make use of this

Problems with the gut? Bloating an embarrassing concern? The answer is here Do exactly what nature intended… using the way nature prefers Make the right moves this summer – feel the inner comfort!  With the sun beaming in the sky and the COVID restrictions eased there is a chance to get back to a more normal social life. And that might mean a significant change in diet. Barbeques in the sun with good rich food, family meals out and a…
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This is a tricky one, so much conflicting evidence

Why aspirin is not just for pain, and why so many people take it  Interesting links between aspirin and lower risk of bowel cancer  Could this popular drug ruin your eyesight? About a year ago I wrote to you about aspirin. You might not remember that letter – especially considering all the chaos and misery that’s happened since then! So to quickly recap… Aspirin was developed in the late 19th century but it was only in the 1970s that we…
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How to feel fuller without eating more

Slimming without dieting

Introducing the ‘natural skinny jab’ – that doesn’t involve a jab at all!  How to feel fuller without eating more – it’s the ‘no diet diet’ you’ve been waiting for  Secrets of the world’s super-agers Last Friday I wrote about the Skinny Jab. It an injection that makes you feel fuller, more of the time, so that you eat less. A terrible thing, in my opinion. You won’t be surprised to hear that, of course! And I know from the…
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Can you really inject yourself thinner?

The problem with this worrying new ‘Skinny Jab’ fad Can you really inject yourself thinner? And if so, SHOULD you? The boring but effective truth about weight loss Well, this is depressing. I don’t know if you’ve watched The Only Way Is Essex (I haven’t) or recognise one of its stars, Gemma Collins, who has appeared on numerous reality shows. She’s one of the new breed of reality stars who don’t seem to do much in the way of anything…
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