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How to supercharge your brain

How a dog made my lawn ring! Try these simple brain boosting exercises Stay vigilant this summer, but do enjoy the sun as well I’d lost my mobile phone. Couldn’t find it anywhere – despite looking through every drawer, on every shelf and under every table. ‘Am I going mad?’ I asked my wife, as she stepped out into the garden with the laundry. Where did you last have it?’ said Lara. ‘I have no idea,’ I growled, proceeding to…
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Why it’s time to fatten up your brain

How talking apples created a lot of worry This is why your brain is crying out for good fat A really easy way to look after the little grey cells – click here OK, so I’ve had a few emails after my newsletter about apples talking to me… …please don’t be alarmed I am not losing it. In fact I don’t think I have ever had it! I am very touched by the genuine concerns about my mental health, a topic…
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Could memories be frozen for all time by doing this?

Why this debilitating condition needs better understanding Discover the shocking number of sufferers… and the scary forecast How an ice cold dip could benefit those with dementia Whenever I visit my Dad and witness his daily struggle with dementia, I just HAVE to sit down and write a Good Life Letter. If his problems have a silver lining, it’s that they inspire me to investigate new, natural solutions to this terrible problem. Because it’s something we ALL want… We want…
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