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Pain Patches: A reminder from an unusual source!


How we made the most of a sunny Saturday in the park This new advocate for natural health is a surprise The daily routine to banish pain – click here for more information We had a family gathering last weekend. Aunts and Uncles, In-Laws and a few Outlaws too! There was no good reason other than we hadn’t been able to get together for a few years and it was suggested a day out in a local park with deck…
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Pain Patches: The ‘sticking plaster’ that stops pain

Pain Patches: Poster Boy for gout

Ray Collins to the rescue in a family crisis How an ancient natural remedy has been improved The chance for a risk free trial is just a click away – here Imagine that you are the most powerful man in the land, have the entreatments of kings and emperors and set up your own church, but none of this is your legacy. Instead you become the poster boy for gout. Such was the fate of King Henry the Eighth, an…
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Why it is time to be honest because we all do this..

Here is the confession we need to make! How a Post-It note on the forehead could be what is required An easy way to keep yourself regular – The stick on supplement reminder Dear <NAME> Taking a medication or supplement which is going to make us feel better isn’t a problem – is it? I mean it stands to reason, we have a known issue or risk so we happily pop a capsule with our breakfast to solve it. Job…
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