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Why Fat Shaming lets food companies off the hook

Fat Shaming: Natural weight loss

The truth about fat shaming Why the food industry wants us to feel that it’s all our fault Shocking new statistics revealed I’m no fan of ‘fat shaming’. As a bloke who has, in the past, been big… Then less big… Then bigger… Then less big again… I’m not going to cast aspersions on the way people look or how heavy they are. After all, it is possible to be rake thin and very unhealthy. There are some who might…
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Well that went badly

This scientist just got roasted  Yet more unhelpful headlines about weight and diet  How to reduce your diabetes risk safely and naturally Well, that went badly. Last month, Prof Roy Taylor, from Newcastle University, spoke at the European Association for the Study of Diabetes’ annual conference. In his speech he talked about new data which found that people of ‘normal weight’ with type-2 diabetes could “achieve remission” by losing weight. I’ve put ‘normal weight’ in inverted commas because that’s already…
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Could this be January’s unsung hero?

Discover why this often unloved vegetable deserves more praise The ‘sticky’ way to losing weight easily… …and how three old favourites can also help too On the 23rd of December I wrote you a Good Life Letter mostly about celery (‘Discover how celery could save your Christmas’). If you didn’t get it, then take a look on the website here. For the few who emailed me to say they didn’t like celery, I need to make an apology, because I’m…
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